Operator assisted and huge bill

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Operator assisted and huge bill

Had problem reaching a friend--called the MCI operator who then connected me--spoke for half hour--got bill and find they charged me for operator assisted for the entire half hour($35) for what would normally be 30 minutes at 5cents per minute. Called MCI and they tell me to call Verizon(local phone company to discuss this). Any suggestions? Thanks for any info that might help me out of what looks like a real scam by MCI.
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Sorry to say this but operator assisted rates have always been substantially higher than direct dialed calls.

If you want to blame someone, blame AT&T. They invented the practice.

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Anytime you go outside the "box" {i.e.operator or directory assistance} while using the telephone, you pay dearly. I suggest using a service such as http://www.onesuite.com
for long distance calling and http://www.theultimates.com/white for searching phone numbers. If you are using one of the major carriers, make sure your plan has no monthly fee or minimum.
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It's not unique to MCI to charge ridiculous rates for operator-assisted calls. What is unique to MCI is their complete lack of customer service. Don't waste your time. They won't help you.
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