Norwegian air: tips please!

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Norwegian Air: tips for a newbie, please!

I'm flying norwegian for the first time this week, ord-lgw. Mr. Drsh bought the very low cost tix on a whim, so we have no assigned seats and are waiting to see if our bids for premium get accepted. Any and all tips for getting decent seats (flying with our youngest teen drsh) and maximizing the experience without maximizing expense would be welcome.

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I flew BOS - LGA RT in May 2018. Things may have changed since then but here are my thoughts on Norwegian Air.
As I recall it was supposed to leave BOS around 8:30? Everyone was just standing around the gate area. There were no announcements of any kind. Seemed to be something to do with passport control on a few passengers? We were about 45 minutes late boarding - with no explanation. Seemed disorganized.

Paid for Premium - it was a good deal! But the seat was not very comfortable and you really are stuck when the people in front of you recline their seats. Almost impossible to get your bag stashed under the seat in front of you, out, without crawling on the floor.

Had a nice dinner at the airport before I left on both legs. Airport lobster on the way over and Wagamama (Asian food) in the Gatwick airport. I had not read stellar reviews on Norwegians meal offerings. Even in Premium it came in an oblong box and you pretty much ate out of the box. I DID have a roll because you could actually smell fresh baked bread! Not sure how they did that but the rolls were great! Looked like the meals were sort of like a Lean Cuisine with a salad and a dessert. My seatmates on each flight were finished quickly.

The Premium seat was wide . . and the recline was good but on the way TO Gatwick I was very uncomfortable. You get a blanket but no pillow and I really needed something behind my back. There is a leg rest and a foot rest. TIP** There IS a button to extend the footrest that I did not find until the end of the flight. It was in the left hand armrest. Ask if you can't find it. I had my pillow out on the return as well as water and snacks (see below) and it was a much nicer experience.

The entertainment was very extensive and responsive although the earbuds were uncomfortable. Cheap.

SO . . . cant speak to Economy. I guess you just hope the flight is not full? Are you flying on the Dreamliner? Nice jet.

If I were to fly them again
1. In Premium I would pick a bulkhead seat.
2. I would bring my own earphones.
3. I would bring a pillow for my back OR be sure I had a cushy coat to roll up.
4. BRING YOUR OWN WATER! Even in Premium we only got one 16 oz bottle.
5. Bring snacks. Nuts, string cheese, crackers, . . . . .
6. Have the stuff you want for the flight easily accessible - like in one big Ziploc that you can pull out of your carry on just the one time.
6. Take a yoga class.

The flight attendants on my two flights were efficient but not overly chatty or friendly. And they pretty much disappeared (quietly) between the meal service which is why I would suggest bringing your own water. I read this somewhere else, too, that water was hard to come by.

Also the Gatwick arrivals terminal didn't really have a lot to it? Not many places to sit and no sit down restaurant. I grabbed a sandwich from Tesco's or something, waiting for rush hour traffic to be over. Also you can take a "normal" train into London, you don't have to take the Gatwick Express.

You can't beat the price, especially if you are doing a one way. It's a low cost airline and felt like one, even in Premium. But it got me there mostly on time and was not horrible. I would not hesitate to fly them again on short notice (to make sure they were not going to go out of business) but waiting to see what happens with them financially.

The weeks before my flight, Norwegian was cancelling MANY of their trans Atlantic 787 flights so I was stressed out.

Have fun on your spontaneous trip!
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I was confused for a moment because LGA is LaGuardia. And I thought "Norwegian flies from Boston to New York??"
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- if you are flying regular economy, make sure you hand luggage and personal bag do not weigh more than 10kg COMBINED
- there is a marks and spencers at gatwick airport where you can get food.
- Make sure you get to gatwick with ample time because you cannot check into international norwegian flights online.
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Norwegian fly from Gatwick South Terminal. There's a No1 Lounge you can use if you have Priority Pass, you can also book ahead online (they often offer deals that come with priority security lane access too).
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Sorry about the typo! LGW, not LGA.

I did try the complimentary lounge at Boston. It was quiet but not much in the way of food. Soda and popcorn. Didn't hear anything positive about the lounge at Gatwick (LGW) so didn't try it. Not sure if lounge access is even included with Premium tickets anymore?
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My wife and I have flown Norwegian a few times. My thoughts, in no particular order...

The 787 Dreamliner is *nice*. Compared to other budget airlines, this wasn't bad - and it beat the pants off the prices for other transatlantic services.
I did their Premium Economy from Boston to Paris last year. The seats were definitely better and it was easier to sleep, but they weren't the lie-flat seats that you'll get with, say, JetBlue's "Mint" product.
The food isn't bad and only "overpriced" if you order in advance. Buying it on the plane? There aren't words for it. THAT price there is definitely designed to make you NOT do that.
Wifi wasn't as good as JetBlue's but, then, WiFi over the Atlantic isn't always there with other carriers.

VERY important - they are STRICT in their baggage limits. They weigh EVERYTHING unless you ONLY have a 'personal item' (like my laptop bag). Investing in a portable scale or buying the 'checked bag' in advance is a good investment.

I'm not sure if you STILL have lounge access at Logan for Norwegian Premium Economy passengers. I had it back in September (it wasn't THAT special) but I seem to remember reading something about it no longer being available - I could be wrong.

Personally, we usually buy the $90 package of meal/checked bag/seat choice. If it were more expensive, I'd buy food at the terminal and do the checked bag and seat selection independently.

Oh - when I flew Premium, I bid for it a couple weeks in advance - doing pretty much the minimum bid - and got it. When I sent my wife to London in Premium, I just paid the price up front.
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