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SWISS will not join oneworld (yet)

SWISS will not join oneworld (yet)

Old Apr 3, 02, 4:03 pm
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OK, back on the subject.

None of the alliances have a real interest in admitting LX.

LX suffers from the same vain idiocy as did SR. It is often described as "believing your own PR".

In the industry no one believes that they will make it in this new form and they look like a bunch of also rans in their first days in business.

Star does not want them as there would definately be regulatory concerns and besides LH and OS have been crushing them successfully anyway.

Skyteam is still of the opinion that they invited SR into their alliance and SR spurned it. We all know what happened to SR afterwards. For LX then to arrogantly asy that they were going to have a "beauty contest" was pure arrogance.

If one were to investigate, they would see that both Star and Skyteam said no thank you to Swiss and not the other way around.

As for OneWorld, what possible real advantage does Swiss offer these carriers? The days of having more carriers in an alliance just to have them is over. Those days ended over a year ago. LX has very little to offer an alliance, and OneWorld knows that.

To believe that BA sees them as a future threat is pure idiocy and shows a real lack of knowledge of the European industry for the last 5-10 years. BA has no interest in letting LX get any of their revenue and is fighting a battle with a lot of other factors, LX isn't really one of them. I am sure that the high level negotiation may be taking place with a high level person at LX, and perhaps a junior route planner at BA. For that matter BA was able to improve their business PAX load the last few months to Switzerland due to SR/LX woes. Why the hell would they want to share that, and also risk having to give up LHR slots? Switzerland is simply not that important.

As for the AA alliance, what does it bring?? 100 Pax a day max? Its basically the same as they had before and does AA no harm.

LX is desperate and maybe if they survive a year an alliance may be interested in them. As for now survival is vital and trying to maintain unattractive hubs (remember, they now have two Basel and Zurich) is enough of a losing rear guard action.

In short, do not hold your breath.
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Old May 13, 02, 11:01 am
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AA Adds 20 Destinations in Europe With New SWISS Codeshare

American Airlines announced today that its new codeshare agreement with SWISS will add 20 new European destinations that can be reached conveniently via Zurich, further broadening American's already vast network. SWISS, the newly branded national airline of Switzerland, is one of Europe's largest carriers.

Beginning May 15, American will put its AA code on SWISS' eight daily trans-Atlantic flights between Switzerland and seven U.S. gateways, as well as on SWISS flights beyond Zurich to 20 new points in Europe. SWISS' U.S. gateways are Boston, New York-Kennedy, Newark, Washington, Chicago O'Hare, Miami and Los Angeles.


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Old May 13, 02, 4:16 pm
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An example,

I'm trying to price ORD-WAW in August - AA codeshare on SWISS. The portion ORD-ZRH is codeshared but portion ZRH-WAW isn't (am I right?)

Starting May 15, the preview said they will add 20 more cities and I believe WAW will be one of them - will that provide better price on an AA codeshare ticket? How is that usually works?

Thanks - the prices are not like $1500-$1600/person comparing to about $900 on LOT or AA codeshare about $1000. To be honest I would rather fly SWISS then LOT - no questions asked!

Any help would be appreciated
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Old May 13, 02, 4:21 pm
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Well, I just found out that WAW is not of the cities AA is going to be codesharing with SWISS. But for the future reference not only when WAW will be added but overall, do you think that affects the price?
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