Excellent job by Plat/Gold line

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Excellent job by Plat/Gold line

I was supposed to leave JAX today on 1581 (noon departure) to go home to SEA via DTW and MSP, EUA'ed all legs.

With all the bad wx in the NE, I thought it best to check on flight status. I found that the inbound to JAX for the equipment on 1581 was delayed in DTW due to crew. I called the Plat line...we looked at going thru MEM, but that departure from JAX was also delayed. The agent said that they "may" hold my connecting flt out of DTW to MSP, no guarantees, but otherwise, there was no availability to re-book a way back to SEA tonight. Everything was full. She did say that I could rebook for the next day to SEA, no problem.

Well, if I have to spend another night away from home, better JAX in the same hotel, than trust to what I can get in DTW or MSP, considering the wx delay situation. So I checked with the front desk and car rental firm, an extra day in JAX would be no problem.

Checked back on line to see the status of 1580 ( the inbd to JAX) and it was further delayed. There was no way to get to SEA tonight.

Well, an extra night in JAX is OK, even though it is now cold even down here. A brisk 35 this morning, making it colder than SEA, but at least no rain.

So I called back on the Plat line, spoke of the known misconnect problem, and the guy started checking. I was looking to rebook on a morning departure for the next day, when I was put on hold so that he could check something.

He came back on line to say that he had talked with "inventory control", whoever or whatever that is, and I was booked on the 5:50pm departure from JAX-MSP, and on the last MSP-SEA tonight, upgraded on both legs.

I know that wx can throw a kink in any travel plan, especially when you are dealing with elite upgrades. I, for one, know that I have taken the upgrades for granted. I love to get then, hate when I don't, and sometimes forget they are just a bonus, not a given, for flying NWA.

Considering the Wx problem, all the misconnects, etc, I really am happy to get home tonight. The upgrade is iceing on the cake.

I would like to take this time to thank the folks on the silver/gold/plat lines for the job they do.

They really do take care of us.
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Originally Posted by Donna49 View Post
I would like to take this time to thank the folks on the silver/gold/plat lines for the job they do.

They really do take care of us.
Agreed. The Plat line is simply awesome.

Perhaps you should write them a formal Thank You via TTU?
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One of the reason I try to stay at least Gold....
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I concur on the Plat line being awesome. I was stuck in YVR and missed my SEA-DTW connection. They rebooked me in 30 secs. Upon hearing my bookings, a few around me asked for help and the plat line rebooked everyone. It was nice since we were at an AS gate and the entire airport was closed. We were all rebooked together and taken care of.
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I appreciate your comments about the PE/GE phone lines. As an expatriat, I am not privy to those lines in general, but while in the U.S. I have found them to be hit or miss, to say the least. Helpful sometimes and yes, extremely unhelpful other times. May I add, mostly unhelpful. Rude, to some extend. But maybe it is because they know I am not residing in the U.S. So, at least for me, the final word is still out.
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Perhaps you should write them a formal Thank You via TTU?

I'd add my encouragement to do a ttu.

I don't have much experience with other airlines' preferred lines, but I've always been very happy with the help I get on the NW Plat/Gold line.
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