"Logan Forward"


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"Logan Forward"

Massport has created a new website and PR program to communicate with the public about a series of improvements being made to Logan. The campaign is called "Logan Forward" and you can access it at Logan Forward. The website is very good, including lots of renderings and animations.

The major components of the program include:

1. Creating a consolidated Uber/Lyft dropoff/pickup point in the Central Parking garage - no more dropoffs curbside.
2. Rebuilding the roadway between Terminal B and C to eliminate the traffic jam created when too many people are trying to enter Terminal C at the same time others are trying to exit terminal B
3. Creating an airside connnector between terminals B and C (including demolishing the small office building sitting in that space presently).
4. Reconfiguring the upper level of the Terminal C dropoff area to smooth traffic flow.
5. A significant expansion of Terminal E (adding seven new international gates)
6. Building a dedicated parking garage at Terminal E (where currently there is only surface parking.)

All of these projects will be going on roughly contemporaneously over the next five years, with final completion (of Terminal E) expected in 2024. Total cost to Massport will exceed $1 billion.

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Thank you. I'll tell you what, Piers Park is JAMMED on summer weekends. If they are expanding Piers, coupled with the gazillion new waterfront apartments being built, means a real game changer to East Boston.

Oh, and as it relates to the airport, I will be glad when SW moves from Terminal A to B And good move to move rideshare pickups to the central parking area....will keep traffic WAY down. Only question is whether is how much central parking will this eat up. I already avoid driving to the airport because sometimes walking from Central Parking to the terminal can add 15 minutes to a trip.

I really wonder if at some point Worcester airport will start running regular commercial flights.
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Selfishly worried that all the development on the East Boston waterfront will ruin Piers Park and KO Pies down in the shipyard. Were a couple of the best kept secrets down there (and I don't even live anywhere near there!). ;-)

Total parking increase is 2000 spaces at new Terminal E garage, and 3000 new Economy parking spaces (website doesn't detail how they'll do that - whether a new garage, or adding on top of the existing garage). Not that long ago, the plan to cut car trips to the airport was to limit parking and raise rates, now it's reversed - parking seen as better than ride-hailing or family/friend drop off, so they're back to adding parking.

Sadly, no indication that an automated people mover is planned to replace the shuttle bus system.
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If you look at the Massport five year capital plan (the most recent one being for 2019-2023) you will see a line item for "Automated People Mover". They spent $5 million on the People Mover in FY19 (year ended June 30, 2019), then budget $20 million in FY20, all of which I assume is for design and feasibility studies. The amount then goes to zero for FY21-FY23, during which time they are doing all the "Logan Forward" improvements. Finally, in the column titled "FY24+" (meaning sometime after the current five year plan expires) they show a budget amount of $1.275 BILLION.

The positive interpretation is that they are doing their planning work now and will begin implementing the system sometime after the Logan Forward work is completed. The negative interpretation is that nothing is committed beyond another $20 million of design work over the upcoming fiscal year and it's possible the People Mover will never happen.

Massport releases an updated five year capital plan in February of each year so it's possible we'll have greater clarity in February 2020 when they release the 2020-2025 plan. More likely, we won't know more until they complete the $25 million of design spending and they get farther down the road on the Logan Forward improvements. Maybe 2022 or 2023, when the end is in sight for Logan Forward?

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