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ORD runway numbers changing

ORD runway numbers changing

Old Jul 2, 07, 12:31 pm
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DCA had the main runway "moved" a few years ago. It is 1/19 and used to be 18/36.

I swear this is true of IAD as well but I can't find and photos or documents confirming it right now.
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MSP's two main parallel runways were 29/11 until a few years ago. Now they're 30/10. The actual headings are 299.9 and 300.0 degrees so 30/10 is a bit more accurate. I'm not certain why or when they changed it. I worked in the control tower for a bit at MSP in the late 80's and got very accustomed to the "29 right" calls so it was a bit of a surprise to me listening to ch9 a while back and we were cleared to land on a runway that I didn't think existed
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Old Aug 31, 07, 5:07 pm
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Update 8/31

Just an update, today marks the day when runway 9L/27R becomes 9R/27L. If the new north runway ever opens it will be 9L/27R.
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Originally Posted by emma dog View Post
You'd think... but then again, there are plenty of cases where the pilots of a flight land at another airport accidentally, such as when NW landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base instead of RAP. Or the numerous planes that try to land on Taxiway T at SEA.
DL landed a 737 at Frankfort, KY's airport instead of LEX several years ago.

NW landed a DC-10 at BRU instead of FRA (ouch)

CO landed a 757 (IIRC) on taxiway Z at EWR last year. Aircraft was cleared for ILS to 22L and cleared visual for runway 29. Taxiway Zulu is just north of runway 11/29. This particular runway is only used when there are significant cross-winds. Despite being 6800 ft long, I've landed on 777 heavies on that particular runway a couple of times.

UA landed a DC-8 at Troutsville, OR, instead of PDX many years ago.

BAX (cargo?) landed a DC-8 at 6D9 (Iosco County Airport) instead of of OSC where the plane was being ferried to for maintanance. 6D9's setup is 8/26 while OSC is 06/24. Airports are like 8 miles apart.

USx landed at PSB instead of UNV.

CO 737 landed at an abandoned military field instead of CRP

COx landed at K75 instead of LCH

The inaugural flight for Nations Air landed at SFB instead of MCO....

A UA 757 landed at JIG instead of SJU

DL had a 727 land at MacDill Air Force Base instead of TPA ... ooops

Lots of others, especially overseas that I've heard of.

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Old Aug 31, 07, 6:18 pm
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Several other airports number their runways in this fashion when they get above two runways. I know Atlanta has 5 runways numbered as 8L/26R, 8R/26L, 9L/27R, 9R/27L, 10/28, even though they are all at 94/274 degrees. I'll have to pay more attention the next time I have a flight into ORD, hopefully not soon .
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This thread is taking off for the Chicago forum.

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Originally Posted by PHLGovFlyer View Post
Now they're 30/10. The actual headings are 299.9 and 300.0 degrees so 30/10 is a bit more accurate.
Surely 30/12? Given that, whatever the precise heading of the runway, going the other way down it will always be an offset of 180 degress?

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