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SanDiego1K Apr 28, 01 10:44 am

Please advise novice on old 200K award
My situation: I was active in Marriott in the late '80s, but now only stay at a Marriott once a year or so. Thanks to FT, I've learned that the 200K award will be eliminated. I've been frantically reading in the Marriott forum. I am now throwing myself on your mercy for advice for my particular situation.

Should I try to get a 200k award before it is eliminated when I have no particular Marriott destination where I want to stay? In other words, am I better off to get the 120K UA or AA miles and turn the hotel cert back in for 50K Marriott miles - or should I let the points ride?

I have 180K Marriott miles. I have 4K AMEX points I could transfer. I could charge another 6K to AMEX by mid-June. I could either buy 10K miles ($200, right?)or I could try to get 5K for a Marriott visa and 5K for AT&T WorldNet service. (Would the visa points and AT&T points post in time?)

I've given you a lot of questions and a lot of variables. I appreciate any advice you can offer - and I'm happy to return the favor on the UA board.

bdschobel Apr 28, 01 12:05 pm

The Marriott 200K award was voted best hotel award in existence, both in America and internationally, at this week's Freddies. I would grab one any way you can, before it goes the way of the dinosaurs on July 31. I got two in the last few months and don't have enough points for another, unfortunately.


shadow Apr 28, 01 5:01 pm

We're in the same wife has 260K in her account, I've got 190K in mine. We're definitely going to grab 1 of them, and I may use some of her points to get a second before they're gone.

We'll never see an award like that again.

flyerwife Apr 28, 01 8:12 pm

you may be able to combine your account and your wife's account and go for the 714 award for 425,000 points which would give you the 4 tix (be sure to choose routing allowing you the maximum 60,000 miles x 4) and two 10 day certs instead of two 7 day certs. Check on the combining- I think they allow it.

hi! this award is a good one, you can order the certificate before you have any particular travel plans (just order by July 31, and cert is good for a year). They will ask which destination you want the airline miles for. Doesn't have to be where you are using the cert, just any destination in the world that has a Marriott. Pick your airline of choice and make sure your destination for air requires at least 60,000 miles for a coach economy ticket, that way you will get the most value for your points. Remember, the miles go right into your FF account (takes a week or 2) but your hotel cert must be used within a year of issue. Sure you and hubby can find time to take a nice week's vacation somewhere!

shadow Apr 29, 01 9:10 pm

Thanks flyerwife!

Now another question...If we were to take the 714 award, is the cost to extend the hotel certs still $25? Also, if we turned one back in what would we get...50K points?

flyerwife Apr 29, 01 11:33 pm

I believe the cost is still somewhat minimal - $25, poss $35. You may only get a point return total of 12 1/2 % if you turn in one cert. I have never done this so I am honestly not sure. Others got 25% point return for 1 cert but this award gives 2 certs. Best bet is to either call Marriott (where unfortunately agents are totally bewildered about these things lately) or go to website and click on link for customer care email. It took about 2 weeks every time I emailed them but did get people who seemed more familiar with the correct answers to the questions than the res agents on the phone.

flyerwife Apr 29, 01 11:35 pm

also, shadow
make sure they will allow you to redeposit or extend this cert, as this award is now essentially defunct.

msrohud Apr 30, 01 5:53 am

Originally posted by shadow:
Thanks flyerwife!

Now another question...If we were to take the 714 award, is the cost to extend the hotel certs still $25? Also, if we turned one back in what would we get...50K points?

When I spoke to them last week, the rep stated that the certs would not be able to be extended, however, each of the hotel stays from the 714 could be turned back in for 106,250 points. (The hotel certs for the 713 are worth 50,000 points) The charge associated with this is dependent upon your level. Interestingly, he said if you turn in both of the hotel certs at the same time, you only incur one fee. The person that I spoke to was a rep over in owner (timeshare) services. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get the info in writing though via email!

dhacker Apr 30, 01 7:39 am

If you turn in both 10 day certs from 714, you should have enough points to order a 713. So you can net 360k miles and a seven day stay for your original 425k points.

KathyP Apr 30, 01 8:16 am

I have 396,000 Marriott reward points. I am going to transfer 4000 from Amer Exp membership rewards and order 2 713 awards. I am going to look on United & American web sites and check where they fly the furtherest like AUstralia or Japan call Marriott and order the certs and tell them to deposit points for one in United and the other in AMerican for the furthest distance possible. THen I am going to turn the hotel certs back in since I have no particular trips in mind at this point. That way I can ensure my mileage is there and I think American or United will probably go most places I am interested in visiting (Europe, Hawaii, Carribean)

dhacker Apr 30, 01 8:35 am


You may want to transfer more Amex points and/or buy the points necessary to get to 425k.

Your plan will net you a max of 240k miles (Marriott will refuse to deposit more than 60k, regardless of distination). You will have 100k points in your account left over after redepositing the two 7-day certs.

By ordering a 714 for 425k and redepositing the two 10-day certs, then ordering a 713 and redepositing the 7 day cert, you will get 360k miles, plus 62,500 points left over.

snackyx Apr 30, 01 12:55 pm

Think about two 200,000 miles vs. one 425,000 award. If you have any notion of usuing the hotel certificates (rather than turning them back in, which I believe does not give you as much value) remember that the hotel certificates are good at ONE hotel for seven or ten CONSECUTIVE nights. I was sold on the 425,000 award until I realized this very point. Will you have a need for two-ten nights stays at the same hotel? I opted for two (2) 200,000 point awards, garning a total of 240,000 American Advantage miles (which never expire) and two seven (7) night certificates (plus the phone card and 25% off Hertz times 2). This just gives you a bit more leeway in their use and not have to commit to ten consecutive nights at one location. To boot, the combined award were 400,00, not 425,000. The lesson: if you are not going to use the ten night stay, go for the 200,000 award twice. Any unused nights of the hotel certificates just go drifting off into the ozone--you cannot roll them over to another stay at another property. I am sure Marriott has made out nicely with the number of never redeemed nights on these long stay certifiactes.

Re: extending the hotel certificates, a Marriott rep told me within the last 2 weeks that they can be extended for a year for a nominal fee. I believe others have done the math on this board and turning the certificates back in is a reduced value vs. actually using them.

KathyP Apr 30, 01 1:31 pm

Per conversation with very nice Marriott rewards rep today. If you return a unwanted hotel cert under taken uncer a 713 award they will credit you back 50,000 reward pts. If you return the 2 10 awards under the award that takes 425,000 pts (can't rememeber the number) they will credit you back 106,000 points. The hotel certificates which are good for 1 year from date of issue cannot be renewed or extended since these awards are going away. The one good thing that they can now do is to credit the frequent flyer miles to a FF account # in someone else's name. THe rep I spoke to said that it costs $15.00 to do this because it involves a manual posting transaction but that will allow the Marriott points that we transfer to FF miles to be credited to my FF #'s at the airlines which already have mileage in them rather than having to open a entire new FF # in my husband's name. THe airlines will not let you combine mileage in 2 different FF # accounts for awards.

dhacker Apr 30, 01 2:08 pm


Please clarify. I have had others tell me that the 10 night certs are worth 106k points EACH. If it's really, 53k each, then I would retract my earlier comments because it wouldn't be possible to do a 714 followed by a 713 on essentially the same 425k points.

msrohud Apr 30, 01 2:40 pm

Originally posted by dhacker:

Please clarify. I have had others tell me that the 10 night certs are worth 106k points EACH. If it's really, 53k each, then I would retract my earlier comments because it wouldn't be possible to do a 714 followed by a 713 on essentially the same 425k points.

EACH 10 day certificate is worth 106,250 points. Divide the 425,000 points by 4. Each set of 2 tickets are valued at 106,250 points (you get 2 "sets") and each 10 day cert is worth 106,250. At least that's how the rep I talked to said it worked.

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