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pmaddock Oct 13, 20 8:54 am

Bonvoy App down?
Is it just me or is the Bonvoy App down again?

reggiekush Oct 13, 20 9:07 am

Originally Posted by pmaddock (Post 32744229)
Is it just me or is the Bonvoy App down again?

I've been using it on and off again to make 2 reservations and message 2 hotels. I'm currently in Turkey if that matters.

Drwaz99 Oct 13, 20 9:50 am

The app was working a bit ago for me, but now I can't log in on the app or on my desktop. Something's broken for sure.

enelym1978 Oct 13, 20 9:56 am

Yup it's down.... their regular desktop website is down too.... yay.

alxir Oct 13, 20 10:03 am

Website down 11AM Eastern Time Zone - USA

reggiekush Oct 13, 20 10:04 am

Originally Posted by enelym1978 (Post 32744428)
Yup it's down.... their regular desktop website is down too.... yay.

Hot sh*t. My first experience with this. I just booked my room for tomorrow not to long ago as well. :eek:. Best not procrastinate with this IT i see. That could have been bad.

arjen05 Oct 13, 20 11:08 am

All working fine from Europe

reggiekush Oct 13, 20 11:12 am

Originally Posted by arjen05 (Post 32744613)
All working fine from Europe

App and website working fine in Turkey atm.

cmd320 Oct 13, 20 7:56 pm

To be fair, was it ever up?

Global Adventurer Oct 14, 20 8:13 am

I had an issue trying to book a room for NYC. I just gave up. Will try again today.

Sam P. Goodman Oct 14, 20 8:14 am

Originally Posted by cmd320 (Post 32745908)
To be fair, was it ever up?

This. I consistently have issues with it across multiple devices. Android iOS. Wifi and 4G. Perform a search for a hotel....nothing. Close app try again. Sometimes success...Sometimes not.

skywalkerLAX Oct 14, 20 3:04 pm

Both website and app have been working fine for me the entire week. I used the app daily for messaging and check-ins.

enelym1978 Feb 3, 21 2:07 am

So..... they updated the app overnight, I did the update and now it's all screwed up, surprise surprise :) My LT night counts are completely off...... it shows 321 out of 250 to reach LT Silver (I've been LT Silver for a few years already) and then my LT year count is down to 0 in all tiers..... Supposed to be 9 for Silver Gold or Plat, 9 for Gold or Plat and 5 for Plat....

Anyone else has a better draw ? :rolleyes:

lewis_m Feb 3, 21 6:41 am

I got 19, 12 and 5 instead of 7, 7 and 5 as sliver, gold and plat. Better than 0s across the board!

khabah Feb 3, 21 6:46 am

I went from 9-9-9 Silver-Gold-Plat to 27, 18 and 9... which means I would've first made Silver when I was 5. Sweet!

No but seriously, can we just tip that tenth year over, please?


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