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Compensation not honoured by Marriott

Compensation not honoured by Marriott


Old Mar 14, 19, 4:11 am
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Originally Posted by myperks View Post
The simple way I understood it is and I can be completely off:

The OP made a PA reservation before March 5 for a property that increased in category.

The OP had a TP certificate that can be applied to the old category but did not do it prior to March 5 for whatever reason.

On March 6, OP called to apply it and the rep cannot. Some back and forth on upgrading one category on the certificate does not pan out and is offered a goodwill gesture of 30k. The difference is 60k to upgrade the certificate but the rep was unwilling/don’t know how to do it. OP content with the 30k and will use the old category certificate somewhere else.

Instead of 30k, only 10k was given.

And here we at.

Thank you @myperks - you got the whole thing correct.
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Old Mar 14, 19, 4:28 am
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Originally Posted by x1achilles View Post
Reading these sagas about how a frequent traveler was slighted when the rules changed or were reinterpreted by the promoter/supplier makes me thank the good lord I chase NO mileage programs, Frequent guest programs or even supermarket user apps.
The supplier will ALWAYS rule in their benefit on any question the end user may have. You will ALWAYS be screwed. They are out to make big profits and if you aren't up to snuff and a 2million miler or stay with Marriott 100+ nights/year, too bad chump! Did it occur to you that they don't care about you? That's what I ended up realizing.
Life is so much easier and enjoyable for me now that I don't chase "freebies" (that actually have a heavy cost). I just look for the cheapest ticket, and use the $ to upgrade seat or hotel if I desire.
Now that airport lounges are overcrowded asylums, I'm happy to be out of that HUGE rat race.
I didn't expect things will get this low - look at @barracuda93 post regarding the pre-merger bonus points he was promised - 2000 SPG, that is 6000 MR points, the stay was after the merger and hence they only gave him 5000 MR points. He was trying to get his last 1000 - not because his life can't go on with that 1000 points but it's something he was promised. It shouldn't be affected by a merger - even if it does, throw him that 1000 points and wrote "sorry for the mess up and here's your 1000 points" and call it a day. Marriott refused. How much would this costs to them and why would they spent hours replying his email instead of just throwing him the 1k points that he was owed? Just the correspondents cost more than 1k points.

Same happened with a disgruntle LNF agent, all Marriott said was "give me his name" without even being apologetic! Marriott wasn't like this 5 or even 10 years ago, I came in late to miss the EEO BOGO offer. I don't just complaint - when I received good service I spent my time complimenting and I nominate Marriott staff for the spirit to serve award when I have met someone that took the extra miles - even to those who gave me good service but took the extra miles to help the others. I wish Hilton has the same system as I did meet some great staff there and my impression of their customer service/diamond desk is amazing.

I started with Marriott partially because I like Bill Marriott's spirit to serve - he said if you treat your associates right, they will take good care of the guests. Obviously a lot of associates are not happy and I wonder if they are treated right.
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Old Mar 14, 19, 10:34 am
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