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If you're here, you are obviously experiencing some issues with the web site. Our apologies for any inconvenience. We have an interest in giving you the best web experience possible, so here are some tips on how to get any problems resolved:

First of all, the web assistance team has this suggestion for you:

"We first suggest the normal steps of clearing their cache (temporary files) and cookies, logging out of their Marriott Bonvoy account online, then close all browser windows before trying again. Please note that clearing cookies may also remove any stored passwords in the browser.

It is important for them to log out to ensure no bad/old data is saved and so that the online account has a chance to refresh.

You may already be aware of this, but note that cache and cookies are 2 different things. The cache memory is what remembers old content for faster page loading and may cause errors after updates. Cookies are mostly only meant for tracking during the current session. Both can still remember old errors that may have existed in the browser."

You should also be aware that being on a VPN sometimes interferes with your browsing experience. Try browsing without being on a VPN and see if this fixes the issue.

If none of this resolves your issue(s), you can you can send an email to [email protected] along with any screenshots leading up to and including the error message.

It also helps if you include the following information in your email:

-What browser(s) have you tried? Is the issue happening over multiple browsers or just one?
-Are you using a desktop/laptop or a mobile device?
-If you are using mobile device does this issue persist when on a desktop/laptop?

Once we have this information, we can forward it on to the web assistance team for further review, so please be as complete as possible.

If you are having an issue with any of the Marriott Bonvoy apps, you can send the following information directly to the Marriott Bonvoy App team at [email protected]:

-What device and operating system are you using?
-What version of our app do you have installed?
-What is the problem you have encountered?
Best regards,

William R. Sanders
Social Media Specialist
Marriott International

[email protected]
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Originally Posted by Sulley View Post
Update: I actually made it through to Platinum Concierge in 7 minutes. However, they're down too. Womp womp. I guess Arne doesn't want my money today.
Call volume may be high, but time to resolution is great when every call ends in 15 seconds after saying "sorry, we're down too"
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I can’t even get into the 29 ways to stay game today. The message says it’s down, but I should rest assured as “they are working on it.”
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Originally Posted by Pretzelsandpeanuts View Post
I can’t even get into the 29 ways to stay game today. The message says it’s down, but I should rest assured as “they are working on it.”
My guess is the central server that does account validation is down and guess how many systems depend upon that? ALL OF THEM. Yes, having a failover process would be wise, but just like we typically don't think of backups until the system dies, they may work the same way. {sarcasm}Not that we have seen much in the way of IT failures with Marriott {/sarcasm}
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I am not sure what Marriott HR looks like in regards to IT hiring but clearly they are very generous when it comes to taking peoples word for their skills.

Login functionality is pretty basic......
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Another major screw up. Last night I received an email stating that they had cancelled my SNA , at my request, for an upcoming stay. Why I would have done so when this is the last chance I would have to use them, and the first time at a legacy Marriott. The SNA have apparently been re credited to my account. Except I made no such request and would really have liked to have reapplied the certificates to the original request, although presumably further down the wait list than I might have been originally. I'm sorry but I never experienced this level of utter incompetence with SPG. Of course I can't reapply them because the site is down. These may well be the first SNA certificates that have not been able to use since they were introduced, and before I lose 5 next year , as I will only hit 72 nights, with no CC option etc as I am in Canada. The early months seem to be panning out as many had feared in the past.
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Originally Posted by ethernal View Post
Yes, website and app has been down for about an hour for everyone.
"But don't worry. (They're) on it."
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On the bright side, it is system wide as opposed to only me not being able to log in....
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Originally Posted by manually View Post
On the bright side, it is system wide as opposed to only me not being able to log in....
Hah. Good point.
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What a disgrace. I'm sorry but pretty much any downtime for major websites is unacceptable. This is the crap you used to see back in the 90s when the internet was still relatively new and e-commerce wasn't really a thing yet.
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Some days I can sign in and some days I can't. Today is another one of those "can't" days.
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Looks like it is up again

The APP at least- but not the game
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I don't know who runs IT at Marriott/SPG, but they should be fired. I'm in the IT services business (and our company helps clients migrate to the cloud, modernize their applications/systems, etc.). If they had a cloud-based solution, there wouldn't be such a ....-show with website never working properly, etc. The CIO (Bruce Hoffmeister) has been with the company since 2011 - legacy CIO. Let's hope he's fired soon. He's spent too long at Marriott and probably has a lot of loyalties going on, but his failure to lead the organization from a digital perspective is horrific. Here's an excerpt from an interview with Marriott CEO where he cites technology as the biggest risk.


Even with such strong 2017 earnings numbers thus far, Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson said, “I think we’re off to a good start on the integration [with Starwood], but I think we are by no means declaring victory today. We have a got a lot of work ahead of us.”

That work includes tackling, perhaps, the biggest risk or threat to the success of Marriott’s integration of Starwood: figuring out the technology platforms that would link all of its more than 6,100 hotels worldwide, which Marriott hopes to complete by the end of 2018.

“I think if we identify one [risk] it’s going to be around technology,” Sorenson said during a call with investors and financial analysts to discuss the first quarter. “It takes longer and it costs more than any of us would like. … We have to make sure we are moving as quickly as we possibly can. These technology platforms will really allow us to drive the revenue lift we believe is available by having one reservation platform and one loyalty program and of course, secondarily, also allows us to deliver these technology platforms at lower costs for our owners, because we’ll be supporting one and not two.”

Sorenson noted, for example, that the company’s recent investment in PlacePass, a tours-and-activities metasearch platform, is one example of technology that Marriott wants to be able to link to its loyalty programs and all of its sites.

“Technology would be, probably, the thing that we are maybe most frustrated by the cost and time associated with it,” he added. “[We’re] maybe the most fearful about it, but also most convinced it will drive upside, longer term to the entire portfolio.”

Integrating all the technology systems involved throughout all of Marriott’s hotels and legacy Starwood properties would indeed be a complex feat. It remains unclear whether Marriott intends to transition all legacy Starwood hotels onto its older mainframe technology platform called MARSHA, which was originally developed in the 1970s.

In an opinion piece for Hospitality Net in 2016, former Starwood senior vice president of technology solutions, Israel del Rio, expressed concerns that Marriott is forcing Starwood properties to abandon their newer mainframe tech platform, Valhalla, for Marriott’s older one.

Whatever decisions Marriott ultimately arrives at regarding its technology platforms for reservations and for loyalty, it’s clear they will have an incredibly significant impact.
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Receiving a new message:

Our server is being stubborn, please try again

Yes, I'm trying again... at Hilton.
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Well it is back up, but all of my reservations have gone, including tonight's. Hopefully it will be resolved before I arrive, as my arrival is at 2 am and my late arrival time is noted on my reservation.
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It's up but you can't book anything or see reservations, so not much use for a hotel website
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