Where to find Gas Station List?

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Where to find Gas Station List?

Want to know which gas stations near me that gets bonuses for GCs
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There's not many left. And if someone mentions one on here, it'll get flooded with people going there that it'll quickly end. So don't expect a whole lotta response. You'll just have to go to each gas station around you and see if you can find one. FWIW, I can't find one myself. Either they only sell $200 vgc so the fee makes it not worth while, or they'll only take cash for the $500 cards.

There is a thread Gas stations that offer $500 VGCs?
However, the wiki seems out of date, since it mentions Mobil, and none of the Mobil stations around here offer them.

There are some stations that run their own rewards system on top of the CC rewards, but they usually exclude gc from earning anything.

Happy Hunting!
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Exactly this.
I have a couple gas station chains by me where I can get $500 Vanilla VGCs all day long. They code everything (food, beer, gas, CGs) as gas. No L3 data reported. I have no intention of naming them, as they will get swamped and it will kill it for me.
Just go to a gas station. Buy gas and see how it reports. Buy some food or something to drink and see how that codes. If they are the same, buy a GC and see how that codes. There aren’t that many gas chains, so it’s not that much work. Plus you can go on the GC issuers’ websites and most will give you a list of places in your area that sell their products.
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