Marriott Transfer Limit


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Marriott Transfer Limit

Called LP today, they've limited transfers to Marriott Rewards to 30k points/month, effective today. Frustrating, I'd say, to change the rules again.
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After calling to confirm that there were no restrictions on mileage transfers to Marriott Rewards, I faxed a request on Tuesday 9/12 for 215,000 miles to be transferred.

LatinPass left a message on my answering machine today (Friday 9/15) to inform me that the transfer would not be permitted because "LatinPass regulations" prohibit transfers of more than 30,000 miles per month.

Thankfully, I recorded Tuesday's telephone call in case a reminder of our conversation is needed.

Since the LatinPass offices are closed over the weekend, I'm unable to sort this out yet, but I will assume in the meantime that the message on my answering machine was left in error. I have the utmost confidence in LatinPass's ability to follow through with its promises, and am sure that they would not change rules retroactively. LatinPass exists to encourage customer loyalty, and such an action would serve only to alienate their members. By honoring the transfer requests that were made prior to the rule change, LatinPass has a unique opportunity to demonstrate the commitment to honesty and service that makes it "the world's most experienced frequent traveler program."

I look forward to their fax, call, or e-mail confirming that the miles will indeed be transferred as promised.

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The next question is how long is it going to take to transfer these points to Marriott??

If it takes as long as it did for us to get credit (I am still waiting), it will be 10 years before we can get them all transferred.
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What next awards level go to 350,000 for a domestic ticket. I believe if they were easier to use people would not ransfer them out. I would rather use all my points with them but if they make it impossible of course I'll transfer some points out.

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I am prepared to use my LP miles with LP carriers. But, if award booking - especially for US, TW, KL stays that complicated, almost impossible - I will do everything to put my LP miles to use someplace - any place - else.
So, its up to you LP!
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