Time to move on...

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Time to move on...

When I finished typing this reply to another thread, it had already become locked! I hope no one minds me posting my thoughts here.


It's a shame to see the Million Mile promotion of 2000 come to such an acrimonious end, with accusations, counter-accusations, etc. In my opinion, the promotion benefited LatinPass/GlobalPass and its member airlines as well as the flyers who participated in the promotion.

I read all the threads on this forum and don't recall any slanderous comments made about Guy Booth or GlobalPass, just some frustration at the sudden rule changes in June and the later seemingly retroactive rule changes by either Taca or GlobalPass, who knows for sure. As well, the credit card fraud experienced by so many GlobalPass posters of this forum (myself included) was also an issue that was discussed with what was in my opinion an effort to make GP aware of a potential problem, rather than place blame.

I myself am still benefiting from the 500,000+ miles I earned. My dad is leaving this week for a trip to Bolivia on Taca in business class. As well, I've got four more biz class tickets to Costa Rica: two at Christmas and two in January 2006 for my parents. These were booked in June before the deadline.

Despite the occasional bumps along the way, when looking back I'm still very positive about the way everything has turned out for me. For $1,100 I had a great two week adventure in 2000 and additonally earned nine biz class tickets for me and my family to destinations such as Guatamala, Buenos Aires, and soon, Bolivia and Costa Rica. What have I really got to complain or be angry about? Life's too short!


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Yes, likely best to leave the past behind.

I did not think GP/LP did anything illegal (I have no idea on the facts behind the cr. card fraud issue), but think the biggest concern among FlyerTalk members is the lack of communication to its Customers. When they changed terms and conditions, they did not notify anyone even though they had email addresses and mail addresses. Furthermore, if they have been monitoring this board for some time, why not at least post the changes to their program - such as the drastic one last June? There have been hundreds of questions on the program over the past years which they could have saved a ton of phone calls (and time of their agents) by just posting an answer.

Yes, it was a "too good to be true" deal, which is why they cut off the program suddenly to those that had already signed up for the LP FF program. But they were the ones that developed and published it, so I have no regrets.

As to people on FT hiding behind "fake" names, that is the way FT is set up. From what I heard many who sent in letters, emails, etc. on various issues, including myself (with their real name) did not get any replies. And many promised phone calls were never returned. So there were attempts for direct contact that were apparently never completed.

Well, enough of this. I have no major personal complaints, but think their threat of legal action is uncalled for and unjustified -- and shows their lack of customer relations.
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