Cardholders Beware: Bonus Points Problems

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Angry Cardholders Beware: Bonus Points Problems

I have had a slew of "points problems" in the last 8 months. This all started with the website redesign and user interface redesign.

I just got off a lengthy call with the Mosaic line regarding the 10% points redemption bonus. Her words were that the system is "kinda glitchy" right now and some people aren't even getting their points! They have been getting more calls regarding this lately and it is a "systemwide problem."

It first started months ago when they were switching between awarding the 10% back at the time of redemption versus after the flight. I had to call in to get a points correction because my flight fell in the timeline of booking before the site redesign and flying after the redesign. Even though I called on the non-Mosiac phone line they easily did a points correction since I never got my 10% back.

However, I just booked some flights for 56,700. I got no 10% rebate. I thought "Oh, I guess they are doing ti the old way." Well, they price dropped on one of the legs (it went up on the other leg, but they were able to re-price just one leg) so they did a rebooking for me. When they processed the refund, it YANKED BACK 3,000 points
"-3,000 reversed JetBlue Plus Card Redemption Bonus points to JON.+30,000 points from JON."
So I was not happy about not getting back the full points since they were taking a bonus back that I never got. When I called in she said she saw about 2,340 points in a "pending" zone that I could not see and she was "pretty sure" I would get them after the flight. I said that this was still not the full 5,670 I should get after the flight since they already yanked back 3,000. She had to get a "lead" to help her and they immediately did a points correction for the 3,000.

One more story: I fell for the Barclays online savings promotion for 5,000 bonus points. Those points never posted either! I currently have 3 open tickets with Barclays Online Savings, the Credit Card, and TrueBlue. The points seemed to post to my credit card and then did not post on JetBlue. I have had to make numerous calls regarding this and it's still not straightened out. I was told it is a systemwide issues (again) and to wait 2 more weeks (even though I have been waiting 4 weeks after being told this twice before). Many people also got easily confused and said I was wrong because they saw my 5000 anniversary points post.

The moral of my above stories: there is currently some major flaws and glitches in the systems they are using for TrueBlue. Please be diligent and check on your points. Do not assume they will post later. If you are proactive and call you can have some of the issues rectified immediately.

Bonus story: My annual fee is due this month so I brought up all these issues and they waived the annual fee. Pretty sure they would do it anyways though. Call center read a brief script to me about how many points I had earned and I said "I know, but I would get those with the free card too."

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