Absolutely amazing JAL customer service!

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Absolutely amazing JAL customer service!

I recently flew on JL809 from NRT to TPE.

After my two day stay in TPE, I returned on JL 98 TSA-HND. I was going to overnight in HND and take AA the next day back to LAX.

When I got to my room in Tokyo for my one night stay, I realized I left my Bose headset case in my seat on the original JL809 NRT-TPE flight two days earlier. It also had my iPod in the case.

Around 9pm that night I found the number for the local JAL office at TPE and got an amazing representative on the phone. She took my contact details and told me she would call back in 10 minutes.

Indeed she did and told me she had the items.

I explained I was leaving the next day from HND but she was in TPE and since JL only flies to NRT, that was the only place she could send them.

While thinking about other possibilities, she came up with an amazing solution well above and beyond the call of duty.

After her shift ended that night, she drove my lost item to Taipei (Songshan Airport) where JL does fly to Haneda. She arranged for it to be flown the next day to Haneda and then hand carried the item to the American check in desk where I picked it up when I checked in for my flight that afternoon.

That is just amazing service and dedication.

I just have her first name. Any idea where I can express my appreciation to JAL management - either in Japan, Taiwan or both?

Thanks JAL!
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I only know the general feedback form through the website. But that would work for sure.

A nice story to hear that JAL still is extremely customer focused.
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This is great to hear! I had the identical situation (Bose headphone case) left behind in my J seat from LAX-JFK on AA. Only realized when I got home that I left it on the aircraft. Called AA (I am EXP) was told to file a form. Filed a form online describing the item etc. Get an email back in 2 days asking if I found the item (why ask me that, whole point was for them to look in the seat because I now know I left in on the seat itself). Needless to say, it was never found and no one contacted me. I knew it was a worthless exercise anyway, there was no way AA was going to retrieve anything and return it, probably just trash whatever they find anyway.

Having said though, JAL is outstanding. I find that sometimes communication in English can be a struggle but by and large they mean well and make an effort to help you.

Long story, I had an incident on Christmas Eve a few years ago where on the way to NRT on the Narita Express, the train came to a standstill just outside NRT on the tracks with no movement at all for 75 minutes (which is ordinarily almost unheard of) as there had been quite a significant tremor apparently and they thought the lines were damaged. Anyway, reached NRT Terminal 2 and was totally convinced I had missed my flight to JFK, with 22 minutes to departure as there there was no way I thought I would be able to make it. I ran like a cheetah to the JAL J counter and explained that I had just 22 minutes before departure (I had only hand luggage and already had my boarding pass), the desk agent immediately summoned 2 other JAL agents who appeared from thin air it seemed, picked up my bags and the three of us started running, one of them did the fast talking with security and immigration to get me through first while the other marshaled my handbags. In the meanwhile they radioed the gate to let them know they were bringing me and to hold the gate open. I nearly got a hernia running at full sprint with these two agents to the gate, (it was one of the furthest gates if I recall correctly, just as luck would have it!). Once we got there with like 3 minutes to doors shut, everyone had already boarded and the gate was empty, one of the gate agents checked my passport and boarding pass and swiped it and then all the JAL gate agents (5 or 6 of them) and the 2 guys who ran with me (and both panting like me) lined up and bowed together and welcomed me to the flight. I was nearly in tears. I thanked am all profusely and was so grateful for the effort they made to get me on the flight, if not, would have been a debacle for me missing Christmas Day with the family. They closed the door as soon as I stepped on the aircraft. That was a close call I thought. This would never happen in the US, I would have been met with laughter and loud cackles by airline staff if I was in the same situation with a US airline.

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My experience:

JAL To Narita nearly left behid (was my first time fly Jal):
-Was busy doing some last min work in paid lounge, misinterpret the "boarding time" ticket as "People started to queue up to enter the plane" not having prior knowledge JAL/ANA boarding were super efficient.
-Was gently walking to Flight like a boss seeing ground agents were shouting around for my flight (holding the paper with my flight on it)?
-Feeling unease so asked ground agent "What up", she said final call for my flight and was told I am THE last pax.
-Had "Oh ..." moment quickly sprint to the gate while going tru second security checkpoint (like KUL and SIN) before boarding the plane. Never run like that in my life.
-Luckily someone before me stuck at the checkpoint as he bought some drink and were arguing with security (Cant bring drink on board even bought from Airside) so that do buy me sometime while i ran to the plane. He went in to the plane while i fumbling at checkpoint.
-Chief CA was waiting for me and still managed to great me "irasshaimase". I can imagine how pissed off at me behind the smiles and bows for being super last person onboard
-Found out from later on that there were actually opening up the cargo bay and going to offload my bag (while was running to gate)
-Yes, i made the plane depart 5 min later then their average departure time not sure if wanted to be proud of it.
-The Jal agent actually did his best to hold the plane for me. Kudos to him for sure at expense of causing inconvenience for others

JAC Fukuoka to Kagoshima
-Left my pen case on flight
-Realized it and luckily was still in airport finishing some work.
-Went to check in counter and ask my pencil case is missing.
-There some Eigo/Nihongo mess-up along the way but I have some photo of my pen case and some google translate to help me in explain my case.
-Gave my flight no and seat no and ground staff made some phone call.
-Tada my missing item were given to me, they found during clean up and they keep in Lost and Found.

Typhoon Faxai Mess
-Arrive in NRT and was smack into the whole mess at 10am, I had another flight to catch at afternoon and evening in HND
-realized road/train suspended.
-Ground agent in NRT were able to rebook my flight same day in Haneda to another day (not sure how they can do so)
-Realized going to miss the next day flight under JEP fare as well but NRT staff cant do much even after 12am midnight. I am one of 13,000 pax stuck there overnight.
-This ground staff were different set from the one who changed my flight earlier on. Not sure because its JEP hence NRT team cant rebook it? Since then it is well known that road/train is suspended for sure.
-Went to HND the next day and show to HND staff my bus ticket from NRT and explaining nicely that what I went through (stuck in NRT led me to miss the flights even buying earliest possible bus to HND).
-Staff asked her senior and some discussion/phone call later she said okay for change of fight under JEP knowing that under normal circumstance it is a absolute big fat no.
*Fun fact, I wanted to re-book to the a350 flight but booked wrong flight instead & managed to upgrade myself to Dom First Class in "wrong" (old 777 F Config) plane along the way.
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