Different flight duration lax to kix

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Different flight duration lax to kix

sample flight 8/1/19: 2:25 p to 6:34 pm

sample flight 9/1/19: 2:25p to 6:35p

sample flight 10/1/19: 2:00p to 6:30p

sample flight 11/1/29: 1:35p to 6:15p

sample flight 11/15/19: 12:35p to 6:15p

why isf flight duration longer in November than in August?

sample flight 12/1/19: 12:35p to 6:15p
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Daylight saving after October....?
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With DST (which Japan doesn't observe) considered, it looks like the flight duration of that route extended by 30 minutes from 12H10M to 12H40M from Oct 1. I would guess weather, ATC, or some other operational reason is a factor.
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Prevailing wind patterns in various seasons.
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5 different reasons!
-enroute wind and weather predictions
-daylight savings change results in time zone differences (lose or gain an hour on arrivals!)
-flight path plan changes (predicted runway and gates allocated at both airports impacts taxiing time)
-load prediction changes (more or less cargo expected impacts altitude used, which impacts flight performance)
-ATC clearance predictions (departure slots, landing slots, depends on aircraft movement expected, announced to airlines by the respective AA airport authorities well in advance of the flight).
FYI, these are some of the reasons why pilots know when to delay departure to accommodate arrival restrictions (rather than burn fuel in a long holding pattern). Little is left to chance!!
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