Star vs. OneWorld

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Star vs. OneWorld

Hello everyone!

I am a new member here, and have been living in Europe for the past several months. I am planning a trip to the States for Thanksgiving, and I am trying to find the best flight combination.

According to many of the major websites, there is nothing really available for less than $1,500. I have found that buying the tickets seperately I can get there for about $850.

I am planning to go from STR to LHR to LAX on 11/26.

I have found a good flight from LHR to LAX via Air New Zealand (Star Alliance) at 3:30 p.m.

My problem is with the first flight from STR to LHR. The option is to go with GermanWings (Star Alliance) arriving at LHR at 1:15 p.m. or British Airways (OneWorld) arriving at 12:05 p.m.

My question is: Is it better to go with GermanWings since they belong with the Star Alliance for the following connecting flight or should I go with British Airways since I'll have a longer layover time?

Which one would be the least hassle??? Essentially, would it be easier to conduct bagging with GermanWings rather than British Airways, or is there enough of a layover for the GermanWings flight?

Please let me know if this question belongs in a different thread, or if there is a section I should look into.

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,


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Since you are buying separate tickets i would give myself as much lee way as i can if i were you . Also check to see if the terminals are even the same? that is a very good idea to check that.
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STR-LHR on BA will come into T5, STR-LHR on 4U comes into T1 (not sure if they plan to move to T2 or not). According to the LHR site, as of now, Air NZ uses T1, although I surmise they'll move to T2 with the rest of the *A carriers at some point.

Another thing to consider is baggage allowance; I would check both.

As far as the connection, do you plan to check baggage? Also, if making a landside connection, you'd need to clear passport control, collect baggage (unless checked through) and then make your way from T5 to T1/2...this could take time. I would not plan on BA transferring your baggage to NZ.
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I do plan on checking luggage. Therefore, would it be advised that I take the BA flight and give myself about 3 hours to redo the checkin process? Is this a safe bet at LHR?
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4U is not a member of *A and operates as a LCC. You might plan accordingly.
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Thank you! I wasn't sure if they operated under Lufthansa's membership or not.
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By Thanksgiving all airlines scheduled to move should have moved to T2. However as already pointed out although Germanwings is owned by Lufthansa it is not a Star Alliance member. If the OP has baggage to check it might be best to ask Germanwings if it can be interlined with Air New Zealand. Just because it is not a Star Alliance airline it doesn't mean you cannot interline baggage.
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