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Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport {JPN}

Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport {JPN}

Old Aug 3, 02, 7:15 pm
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Any new experiences with Hilton NRT?

I have read the past posts on the NRT Hilton. Has anyone stayed there recently (within the last 2 months)? If yes, what was your experience like?
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Old Aug 3, 02, 11:47 pm
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Stayed there back in June.

Staff were very friendly. Upon check-in and seeing that I was a Gold member, the front desk agent took me to a seperate desk and sat me down to check me in there. He asked whether I needed anything during the stay and asked me what time I wanted to get up and check out. They didn't even take my credit card number during the entire check-in process. They then took me all the way up to my room. They discourage tipping as 10% service charge is already added to the bill.

There's no executive floor and lounge at this hotel. I was given a corner room on the top floor.

Breakfast coupon was given without asking. The coupon was only good for continental breakfast but when I got to the restaurant, I was told to just help myself to the buffet breakfast (which was VERY good - western and japanese style.)

If you are staying in the airport area, I highly recommend this hotel.

Feel free to ask if you have any other questions!
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Old Aug 4, 02, 10:05 am
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Hilton Narita

I have an reward stay booked at the Hilton Narita, and would most appreciate any feedback regarding: (1) the quality of the hotel generally; and (2) whether I am likely to get an upgraded room (I'm Hilton Gold). Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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Old Dec 14, 02, 5:51 pm
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Any updates on Hilton NRT?

I just checked some of the older threads on the Narita property, and I was wondering if anyone had some more recent experiences.

I heard that you get an upgrade to the top floor and continental breakfast. Is there anything else I should know? How are the bar/lounges? Do you get drink vouchers? Thanks for the help!
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Old Dec 14, 02, 9:44 pm
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Hiya, I just stayed there last week before a flight. It's my third stay this year and for the first time, when I presented my HHonors Gold card at check-in, I've been told to go to the desk opposite to the front desk where a manager arranaged for my check-in. There is no executive floor so they sort of 'upgrade' you on the top 12th floor, and give you a "continental breakfast coupon" and a "drink coupon". There is a buffet served at the restaurant on the Ground Floor and it turns out that everytime I ask them if there is anything I cannot eat in the buffet (because it specifically says "continental"), I am being told to eat anything. So I had fried eggs and all.

They give you a key card with a red "H" letter stamped which allows you to go to the swimming pool and fitness center in the basement.

The room is small, I would say, smaller than the rooms I get at the Holiday Inn closer to the airport. But then again, I am only staying there for the night and leaving early in the morning so it does not really matter. You get CNN, BBC World and other English TV channels such as Discovery Channel.

I always seem to get the room overlooking the hotel entrance, not the airport and I believe that since the building is in half circle, the rooms on the other side should be slightly larger (the ones with two beds, I believe). But with the same reasons as stated above, it does not make such a big difference to me.

I cannot tell you about drink coupons because I haven't used them. The cakes and bread at the same restaurant on the GF get a 50% discount from 9pm to 10pm for takeaway.

Is there anything else you wish to know?
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Old Dec 14, 02, 10:11 pm
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As a side note, an award at this hotel is currently 20K HHonors points. When the new rules start in June, it will be reduced to 10K per night. Good for a place to stay on mileage runs.
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Old Dec 14, 02, 10:23 pm
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Thanks for the info. I'm planning to use them prior to my morning flight, so I'll probably take advantage of the health club, drinks, 1/2 off takeout breads, and the breakfast.

Is access convenient by train? I'll take JR to the hotel, as my place is very far (like everyone else) from the airport. It's my third ever morning flight from NRT, hence the need to stay close to the airport.

In any case, it sounds like a decent property. I'm not sure I'd spend 20k or even 10k for an airport hotel, though. $70 seems reasonable to me.
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Old Dec 14, 02, 10:44 pm
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Yes, although the coupon that they give you saids 'continental breakfast', they've also told me just to help myself with the buffet breakfast. The breakfast is pretty good

There's a free shuttle to the airport and Narita Station. So if you're taking the train, you can get off there and just take the shuttle bus to the hotel.
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Old Dec 14, 02, 11:20 pm
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Shuttle bus is more frequent from the airport than from the station. I would suggest you go all the way to the airport then take their shuttle bus (in front of bus stop 14 at Terminal 1, in front of bus stop 26 at Terminal 2). The shuttle bus serves Narita Hilton and Narita Excel Tokyu Hotel.

The following link is in Japanese but gives you the shuttle bus timetable (the first one is to/from Airport, the second one to/from Keisei Narita Station).

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Old Dec 14, 02, 11:36 pm
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I spent a night there in mid October and mid November on my way back to SPN from the U.S. mainland. The first time was with my wife and two sons (8 and 9) and the second time without the boys.

It seems all NRT rooms are small by western standards at both the Radisson (where NW provides a free room if connecting to or from SPN) and the Hilton. But I have no complaint. In 20 stays at both over the past ten years, I've always found the rooms immaculately clean.

The TV seems standard at all NRT hotels.

I really like the Japanese-style high velocity hose showers, and the green tea bags in the rooms. The Hilton has those automated toilets that clean you with jets of warm water (female and unisex buttons). Controls to the aircon/ heat and radio are by the bed.

All hotel shuttle buses serve NRT Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. From Terminal 1, you cross the street after clearing customs, and follow the covered walkway to the last row of bus pick-up lanes, #14.

There are lots of nice pathways and lanes nearby for walking in the local forests, rice fields, and countryside if you are so inclined.

When I tried to make an online reservation at the Hilton for two adults and two children, the system would always say no such rooms were available.

I keep in my ticket wallet a copy of the HiltonHHonors terms and conditions page that says spouses stay free (except at Hamptons), but I have never noticed a difference in price at the NRT Hilton with one or two persons, so I just list two.

I figured if I had to, my kids would sleep on the floor, but no one ever called me on it. The beds are best characterized as double beds. A bit of a tight fit for two adults, but good for marital togetherness, particularly on a cold night with two people more accustomed to tropical climes.

On both recent stays I was on the outer part of the semicircle, looking northeast toward the forest and ocean, with some wonderful views of incoming aircraft, but just too far counterclockwise (west of the elevators) to see the runway itself.

In my November stay I had just completed my CNTU Gold, my first stay in that status. Nevertheless, I was not put on what has been referred to as the "top floor". [The very top floor is actually restaurants and meeting rooms.]

However, my room reeked of smoke, and I immediately called down to the front desk and they reassigned me up to the highest floor, a few rooms up. I found no difference whatsoever, but maybe I wasn't observant enough. OK, the top floor did have different carpeting and seemed to have been renovated more recently.

I have had the "smoking problem" on Guam, too, a U.S. territory where most of the tourists are from Japan. If I recall correctly, the reservation is only a "request" for a nonsmoking room.

So I would definitely mention and emphasize the nonsmoking preference if that is important to you.

On previous stays I had always subsisted on snacks and drinks from my arriving flight or an airport lounge, so the coupons for the breakfast buffet were extremely welcome.

It is a wonderfully delicious breakfast buffet, and you can eat as much as you want of whatever you choose (no limit to solely "continental" breakfast items), with as many trips or plates to the serving lines. Just don't "lose" your silverware. I usually go for the more healthy Japanese food, but there is plenty available for western tastes.

[If you stay at the Radisson courtesy of NW, you get free breakfast vouchers too, plus other meals eastbound.]

The custom at both Hilton and Radisson is for you or the waiter to put your voucher into a little napkin-ring-like holder on your table, and then bring that with you to present to the cashier as your form of payment when leaving the dining area.

I am on the thrify side, but I think the hotel is well worth the almost $150 I paid. Definitely a good location for a mileage run, and closer to the airport than the Radisson. As noted by a previous poster, the Holiday Inn is even closer, and looks good from the outside. I've never stayed there.

The NRT Hilton does sell out, so I may stay at HI someday. If it sells out on my outbound, I simply catch the 0430 SPN-GUM flight, connecting to a 0930 NRT arrival, and hang out at NRT airport lounges for six hours, avoiding the need to overnight on the outbound.

Returning to Guam, you can avoid a night in NRT by leaving at 2000, arriving around 0100 on GUM, but there is no connection to SPN until 0600.

I didn't know about the drink coupons for Gold HHonors members.

Where are they redeemed?
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Old Dec 15, 02, 11:23 pm
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Thanks for the replies. I think I'll take the train to the airport or JR Narita station, depending on the arrival time of the train I take. It's only a 5 min walk from the JR station to the Keisei station (and the shuttle), so that may be more convenient, but we'll see how it turns out.

I sent the hotel an email asking about Gold benefits, and here's some of the responses (translated, of course):
1) Upgraded room is based on availability (as always)
2) Complimentary Health Club access
3) No lounge, no drinks, and get this - NO BREAKFAST

I guess I'll bring my benefits guide and a web printout just in case. But, based on all your responses, it looks like it should be ok.

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I'm HH Gold and stayed there in June. I was upgraded to 12th floor, but didn't get breakfast. Maybe it's because I was on a deeply discounted rate (about $55 including tax, from http://www.ikyu.com

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Old Dec 18, 02, 1:48 am
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My stay was also in June. I got the breakfast coupon as Gold. The reservation was made directly on Hilton's Japanese website.
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Old Dec 18, 02, 4:34 am
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I stayed there in October, on an award as a HH Gold.
I was also offered to check in at the Assistant Manager desk, and was
upgraded to a called-deluxe room on the top - 12F floor.
The deluxe rooms are small, but the standard rooms are more smaller
and facing the forest (= no view).

1) Upgrade is based on availability at time of check in, however an upgrade
looks pre-assigned, because when I phoned in the morning before arriving,
they told me that I will get a deluxe room on the top floor.
(Award stays are normally good for standard rooms.)

2)As a Gold, I got "Continental Breakfast coupons" , however I was offered
a full American buffet breakfast.

3)Free unlimited access to the health club.

4)No drink coupons offered.
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Old Mar 22, 03, 11:57 pm
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Narita Hilton on HHonors Points


I have no status in HHonors, and will be redeeming points to stay at the Narita Hilton in May and Jun for an overnight stay (between flights). Any idea as to what would be included in the reservation?

Thanks in advance,


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