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Chiangi Apr 4, 02 4:49 am

Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport {JPN}
I don't know the official date of opening but it is accepting reservation.

Sorry if this has been discussed. Did a search, though.

Teeejay Apr 4, 02 10:09 pm

where is located? how close is it to the airport? is it replacing an existing hotel or is it a new hotel?

Dr,Lion Apr 5, 02 4:46 am

It's located in 10 minutes by their shutle bus from Narita. It's ex Rhiga-Royal-Hotel Narita. You can stay from 7000yen for their opening rate(Take-off plan) til last of May. There aren't Exe-floor right now. These links are only written in Japanese, but you'll find some pictures of the hotel.

standard 25m2
deluxe 35m2
Jr. suite 50m2

mach92 Apr 5, 02 12:07 pm

It is a nice hotel. Great spa downstairs and they have great rooms. United,FEDEX,Continential and a few other airline's pilots layover here. There is a lobby bar thats great. With so many airline crews there you feel like your back in the states.

LarryU Apr 6, 02 3:12 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Dr,Lion:
It's located in 10 minutes by their shutle bus from Narita. It's ex Rhiga-Royal-Hotel Narita. You can stay from 7000yen for their opening rate(Take-off plan) til last of May. </font>
Is there any way to obtain the special 7000yen rate on line or does this necessitate a call to Hilton reservations? I poked around the English web pages a bit and could not find a similar rate.

Chiangi Apr 7, 02 11:24 am

LarryU, the Japanese web site says five rooms are available per day for that 7,000 yen rate. I would guess it is offered only through the hotel's reservation, rather than through the central reservation. I would call the hotel directly.

Andrew Yiu Jun 15, 02 2:25 am

Hilton Tokyo Airport
Nothing came up on the Hilton Airport on the search.

Anyone stayed at the NRT Airport Hilton before? I might be staying there for one night next week as they have a pretty decent rate (13600 Yen). Using that to pick up one of the four stays required for the 50K as well.

The downtown Hilton is showing rates of 24000 Yen and the Hilton Tokyo Bay is showing 14000 Yen.

I don't mind taking the train to/from downtown. Any recommendations on which of the three is the best?

monahos Jun 15, 02 8:18 am

Re-bonjour Empress,

The Narita Hilton just became a Hilton, explaining the dearth of posts:

I would pick the Narita Hilton for convenience, and the Tokyo Bay Hilton for relaxation.

The Shinjuku Hilton will be worth the extra Y10,000 only if your flight leaves later in the day. Tokyo closes down at midnight for all practical purposes, and a morning flight entails leaving Shinjuku after an early breakfast (about 90 min./U$35 by Narita Express, from the faraway 'New South Exit').

captainkenta Jun 15, 02 11:08 am

I think NRT hilton is convenient for transit or & short stay.
NRT hilton offers about \6000 per room on the japanese hilton web page.
(\3000 per room for airline crew)

Hilton Tokyobay is nice hotel near Tokyo Disney Resort.
So..a lot of children stay there and little annoying,therefore not fit for biz traveler.
It takes 40min-1h from NRT by bus,but they have no frequency.

Hilton tokyo(shinjuku) is very nice but very far from NRT(it takes 1-3h from NRT by bus and 1.5h by LtdEXP train)

[This message has been edited by captainkenta (edited 06-15-2002).]

Andrew Yiu Jun 15, 02 11:20 am

Thanks guys.

captainkenta, I assume you read Japanese since you live in Japan, can you help me decode the Japan site reservation page for the Narita Hilton? I can see the rate which seems very good but can't understand any of it.

Thanks a lot!

Andrew Yiu Jun 15, 02 11:55 am

Are those Japan resident only rates or can I get them by calling the hotel? [No way i know how to fill the reservation page and understand the rates.] The rates are double.

Hope someone who understands Japanese can help out.

monahos Jun 15, 02 3:45 pm

It doesn't specifically say it is for Japanese residents only, but the language barrier effectively makes it so. The Sheraton Yokohama similarly sells rooms listed as singles on as suitable for couples on its Japanese website...

Apart from the 'Welcome to Hilton' rate, there is no mention of those rates being Internet specials.

I would try calling. If they don't give you the rate you want, politely hang up and go to the japanese website with the help of , which now has (limited) Japanese functionality (full paragraphs come out funny, but inputting single words and using creative grammar, one can understand most sentences).

When you do get to the booking form (second orange button from the right on the rate descriptions), you are asked:
- date
- number of rooms
- number of guests

Next screen is for personal data:
* first box: rate confirmation
* 2nd box: sign-in for Hilton Online Network members (skip)
* 3rd box: data for non-members. Enter:
- surname/name in Chinese characters
- surname/name in hiragana (try roman characters)
- email address (twice)
- phone number
*the above fields are required*
- zip code
- street address
- check HH level in blue box (basic &gt;...&gt; diamond)
- enter HH number

Last box: optional info
- arrival time
- arrival by private car or public transp.
- contact by phone or email
- check for non-smoking room

All of the rates listed are applicable, but may not be available. Start by the lowest and work your way up if your date is not available.

FYI, there is a Y4,200 rate until the end of June, which may be available if you call them at 9pm on the day of arrival.

PS. to see how their booking form looks like, try the lowest rate before 6/20. Later dates yield a 'not available' answer.

captainkenta Jun 15, 02 10:13 pm

You got a mail!

Andrew Yiu Jun 15, 02 10:22 pm

Wow thanks monahos!

I love that translation website you posted. Makes things a lot easier along with your detailed explanation. Thanks again!

Andrew Yiu Jun 15, 02 10:24 pm

Thanks captainkenta. Just got your mail. I'll try all your suggestions and see whether I can get that cheap rate.

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