Borgata data points, thoughts, etc

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Borgata data points, thoughts, etc

I've been a Borgata card holder for nearly 10 years. It's the only place I go in AC at the moment. I have gone through periods of larger play and periods of smaller play. I'm not a high roller by any means. During successful periods of my life, maybe $1k per trip gambling and going once a month - during slower times, $250 per trip and going once every 3-4 months. Last year, I used my Hyatt status to match to MLife Gold status and then in turn, match to Borgata Black Card. I didn't sniff a chance at black card before that.

Here are some things I've noticed recently and over the years:

First - I play primarily VP, dabble in slots when I start drinking, and will play nearly any table game at $10 or $15 per hand (primarily black jack, 3 card, some roulette and some craps).

2008-2010 - Best experience in term of comps and probably my highest levels of play. Easily getting 2 nights per week Sun-Thurs, which was my main time to visit then anyways. Strangely, I wouldn't earn more than $10-$15 comp dollars per trip, but was getting $20 to $50 free slot play offers and the standard borgata freebies - comedy club tix and free buffets. Enjoyed at least two upgrades I can remember to next room level (suite).

2010-2012 - less frequent trips, and smaller bank rolls. typically was seeing 1 night comped here and there, but also seeing $59 weeknight rooms creep in. Less slot play offers, but still getting comedy club/buffets.

2013-2015 - Probably going about once a month with a $500 bankroll. Almost always seeing $59 rooms, still getting the standard freebies but comp dollars probably less than $10 per trip.

2016-present - Maybe 4-6 trips per year, and $500 bankrolls per trip. Also did the matching mentioned above to get Black Label. Huge increase in comp dollars earned. Probably $20 to $40 per trip and seeing maybe $5+ slot dollars per trip even though I rarely play slots. Certainly noticed the increase in comp dollars earned as I have access to Amphora Lounge now and have been taking advantage of that. No comp room offers. $59 to $79 weekdays only, and $119 on popular weekdays/Sundays.

Some thoughts:
* Seems like I hit the best time to play big (relatively speaking) right after the recession of 2008, as my comp rooms were flowing at that point. Rooms have only gotten stingier as time has gone on.
* Having the Black Card alone seems to have increased my level of comp dollar earnings. I imagine this is due to liberal marking of my play by the bosses. They are obviously much friendlier, more talkative, etc. I also have the very attentive bosses who look at my card and name and make comments like "I don't think I've seen you around much" etc. Good attention on their part as I know I'm far from the typical Black label player.
* Several sessions where I can almost prove my above thought. Did some trips with a buddy who used to be a casino dealer. He is Red label. Talking to the dealers, heavy tipper, making dealer related jokes etc. Pretty much mirrored our play all night in terms of tables, bets, and length. I was earning roughly double the comp dollars he was. He on the other hand has commented he gets free room offers (can't confirm on how much obviously as I'm not logged in as him).

If anyone has anything to add or comment on, I'd be interested to hear it. I'm also wondering if anyone can confirm through their own play etc that room offers are stingier now.

I also have a hunch (but can't confirm) that being an ultra-low level Black Card (matched or just low playing) is probably worse than being a Red card... sure I'm earning more comp dollars it seems, but if my friend is getting room offers, that seems like the better deal to me. I only use comp dollars for the Amphora lounge, which while it is really nice... I'd rather stay for free and buy dinner than get a comped buffet and free drinks. Obviously I get drinks while playing anyways and I don't mind the other restaurants once in a while. In my mind, a $69 room is roughly $100 after taxes and fees... given the choice, I'd prefer to go knowing the room is paid for and either go out to a $100 meal or have $100 more to play, rather than paying for a room, earning $35 comp dollars and going to Amphora.
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I think playing VP vs (most) regular slots earns lower "rewards" [in CET system $5 = 1 pt on normal slots, $10 = 1 pt for VP.]
I first played at Borgata in Dec. of the year they opened, playing ONLY regular slots, my offers gave me a COMPed room 2 nights/week ANY day (Sun-Sat).
I don't find (13 years later) that my offers have changed. [For the last few years I play once a month there, my comps earned after each two day trip is around $200.]
Having a slot host can help in getting better comps--I play only on Fri-Sat and generally stay in a Fiore Suite.
PS: Beginning 3/1/17, the amphora lounge and buffet will cost $12.50 for Black Label players.
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