Thoughts on flying standby?

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Thoughts on flying standby?

I have a 9:25pm flight from DEN-SJC and I'd really like to be on the 8:30am flight.

Kayak says there are 9+ seats available from and Orbitz. Frontier says they are sold out.

What are the odds I get on? (I don't want to spend all day at the airport if I can't get on.)

Also, is there anyway to avoid the $150 fee?


P.S. I have 1K status on United if that helps in any way whatsoever. I'd trade a SWU for a seat on an 8:30 am flight DEN-SJC.
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This is being discussed and answered on the United forum.

(FYI, the 9 remaining seats that cost $450 each an hour ago are now down to $275 and there are still 9 of them.)
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Saw your United post but it was locked down. Frontier will not do status match, under any circumstances, at least they didn't 2 years ago (I am GS at United).

Honestly I would consider buying the ticket and be done with it. The difference between the 150$ change fee and the new fares is at least for me not worth the headache of waiting at the airport all day long if you can't catch the morning flight

Frontier does have various ticket types and you might consider next time to buy up to a more expensive fare up front if you assume your plans might change.
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If you have an economy ticket, go to the airport for the 8:30 AM. flight. If there is a seat available at the check-in counter there is a flat 150.00 same day confirmation fee. It won't be stand-by. You'll have a confirmed seat and get your seat assignment on the spot. If you have a "classic" ticket, the flat same day confirmed fee is 75.00. If you have "classic plus" or are Summit member, you can change to earlier flight, same day, for free. The same day 150.00 or 75.00 fee can only be done at the airport on departure day.
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If they say they are full then they are full. It all depends on how many stand by passengers on listed. Different airlines have different procdures on how stand by passengers get on. Most of the time it is Paying Passengers, Employess on Business, Employess with the most senority to the least, guest from employess from most senority to the least (senority bassed of the employee that gave them the buddy pass).
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