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Greetings FlyerTalk,

Wanted to share a new website in the points and miles world, PointsForTrips.com. It's a travel hacking resource network aimed to better streamline the various resources and content related to specific airlines, hotels, credit cards, destinations, etc.

The site also allows users to browse mileage redemption strategies per destination, which can be incredibly useful when you're in the process of planning a trip on points/miles.

Would appreciate any feedback you may have.

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I guess by travel hacking you mean sign up using your credit card links?

I don't think I could even send a beginner here. I randomly pulled up a guide for Lima and saw no useful information. Since you asked for feedback... it reminds me too much of The Points Guy. He features different cities and talks about how you can use miles and points to stay there.. but has no "inside" or "local" information. It's as if you started a template for an entry but didn't have the experience to fill it out.

The voice over in the video on the main page needs a better mic to make it higher quality. Your page is also lacking original content. Where are your own personal trip photos? Once again... it's TPG move to use stock photos.

I'm curious... what's your original Flyertalk username?
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Thanks for the honest feedback, we appreciate you didn't sugar coat anything. We've just recently launched, and definitely need to improve the level of detail in the guides.

For the destination guides, our intent wasn't to provide city/tourism details, as we felt there are plenty of sources such as TripAdvisor and FlyerTalk that already do a fantastic job. However, you're right that we need to give those some more attention.

In general, we've spent a lot of time establishing the platform and now need to add in more original content as you alluded to. We’re far from a finished product, so we’ll keep working at it to make it more useful to others.

Regarding my original username, I can pm you with it, but I'm not sure you'll get a lot of value from it. I'm not a major contributor to the forums by any means. Just a fan of the industry, and passionate about traveling on points and miles.
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Feedback: The ninth circuit held that browse wrap T&C are not enforceable sometime in the last 2 years.

I would imagine that your advertiser disclosure buried at the bottom of the page would be interpreted similarly if you found yourself in court for a claim.

Just own up to the fact you're earning money from those referrals, put it somewhere where EVERYONE sees it every time, or make people positively affirm T&C before accessing content.
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Thanks for the feedback, this is helpful. We need to update our header so that the Advertising Disclosure link is more aesthetically pleasing. In the meantime, we added it as a menu item in the header and footer.

We’ve also received feedback from our Beta testing group and this is what they have identified as things we’re doing well, and things we need to improve.

Things we’re doing well
Feeds module – allows you to browse blogs in one central place based on blogger, date, popularity (# of views). The beta group also liked that you can create topic specific RSS feeds.
Stories module – Lets users search success stories based on tags: destination, credit card, airlines, hotels.
Widespread coverage – We’ve received positive feedback in that we cover most major airlines and hotels, as well as a majority of the US based credit cards.
Centralized search – Our search function has been deemed easy to find information across modules.
Not pushing links – While we do have a featured card section on the site, the rest of the cards are linked to their related partners in the guides and are sorted on popularity (# of views). Also, the deals module can be sorted on popularity, top rated (based on member votes), recently added, and category.

Things that need to be improved
Guide content – Need more strategy details within the guides. For example, the airline and hotel guides cover mainly elite status, ways to earn and redeem, but lack program pros/cons and booking quirks.
Mileage Estimator (on homepage) – Currently based on region and isn’t fully populated for non-US origins. Users did like that the number of US cards that fed to each airline rewards program was easily visible in the tool.
Quick advice tool – Users like the idea of the quick advice tool on the destination guides, but this needs to be further developed to walk beginners through the steps of earning and redeeming miles. Our goal is to integrate this into the homepage and make it much more user friendly. Expect to complete by April.
In-site navigation – Many users have noted that there is a lot of content, but not much direction on where to go next unless they read through the guides.

Thanks for checking the site out. If you have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it. In the meantime, we’ll get back to work to make this site more usable to the community.
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Looks like another site where owners learned how much can be made tricking visitors to click on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card after learning how much it can be made from it. You are a little late to the party with the new bank restrictions dude. There have been SO many others, direct your effort elsewhere. If I had a dollar for every site like this...
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Originally Posted by gpapadop View Post
You are a little late to the party with the new bank restrictions dude. There have been SO many others, direct your effort elsewhere. If I had a dollar for every site like this...

to start a "travel hacking" site in March 2016 must be the most
bizarre decision ever. I guess it can be filled with great cry stories,
how it WAS great to "travel hack" years ago...
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How do you plan to build traffic?
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