Imcompetent airline phone staff

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Imcompetent airline phone staff

Not for the first time I find myself gently arguing with an Emirates phone 'helper' trying to reserve a booking.

I like Emirates as an airline, but there phone team is awful.

I am sat here looking at the Emirates online booking system, with a relatively simple multi leg journey ex UK via Asia. I have the route code, flight times and price. But the phone agent can't find it... After a lot of 'this can not be done sir' (very polite) and the helper trying to route the flights with an unnecessary KL layover adding 900 miles and 6 hours to the flight, he has left to try and find the flights I am sat looking at... I'm trying to place two flights on 'hold' (great that Emirates let you do this) so my brother can call back & pay for the flights, leaving me safe in the knowledge that an Emirates phone agent didn't route him via Moscow. As it would be me left explaining why he's 2 days late and sporting a new I Heart Crimea T-shirt hahahaha.

Do emirates phone agents use a different (harder to route) system???

Three times in the last few months they have tried to charge me up to 30% more, despite insisting there are no phone booking fees or attempted to route me via a stupid unnecessary airport. Its bad enough having to navigate the behemoth of Dubai.
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I've read your post three times, and I still don't know what you're trying to achieve. I think you have found a routing that you like (route code? ) and want to hold two seats so that you can co-ordinate with your brother. Is this right?

Where are you intending to go? You write "via Asia", but where to? Why would they route someone to Asia and beyond via Moscow on Emirates?

I'm so confused by what you write; maybe you could have another stab at explaining your situation with much less hyperbole and we may be able to help you. Sorry

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As this is specific to Emirates booking process, please follow the thread as it moves to the forum for that airline. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator, TravelBuzz.
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I'm a lttle confused by your post too but i wanted to add that you may be running into trouble booking a multi leg itinerary with EK because their fares do not normally allow travel out of one country and back into another. Ek fares typically end with the country of purchase abbreviation ie. IEENRFR for a fare purchased in France and it cannot be mixed with one ending in another country code. EK is "special" about this and its a real PITA sometimes.
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One thing that bothers me is that the automated voice always says "Emirates is experiencing high call volume, please consider calling back later", but the reality is the wait time is literally just a few seconds.
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Imcompetent airline phone staff

Really? I would be bothered far more if I had to wait for ages voice or not.
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Sounds like you may have been routed to the Indian call centre. I was on the phone to them last week about something and it came up in conversation that they do not have as many permissions and as much access to certain parts of the EK system as the Dubai call centre. Once you've called enough you'll know by the ring tone where your call is going. I often hang up and dial again if I know my call is going to India and I have anything other than a straightforward request.
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