Dollar at FLL?

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Dollar at FLL?

Last few years we've used Hertz at FLL on our trips down there, but this time for an upcoming trip the Hertz rates are sky high (yes, I realize it's the high season and a busy time beginning of Feb.), and I keep getting much lower offers for the same dates from Dollar. Haven't used Dollar for many years (think...before the consolidated rental car facility at FLL), and the once or twice we used Dollar way back then were fine, clean car with low mileage, no problems or extras on the return. Last Hertz rentals went okay other then getting a Mazda6 with over 35,000 miles on it, and not in the greatest shape but it drove okay, to our most recent rental last year of a Honda with 7,000 miles in good shape.

So other then the many comments about returning the Dollar rental with a very full tank, or the LDW charges (not specified on the Dollar website), how is Dollar at FLL in general, as to condition and low mileage of their fleet, and availablilty of choices for mid-week pickup in the afternoons. Rates at Dollar (and Thrifty) are great for our time period, just looking for come thoughts and ideas before I make the booking. Looking at Ford Fusion or similar for $30 a day vs. $65+ a day at Hertz for comparable.


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I'm getting sky high rates too, $350-$450/week for the end of March for all rental companies. I wonder if it's because of Spring Break. It's only around $150 the first week of February.
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dollar company that takes dollars out of your pocket!!!

Hi all,

I have such an experience for the first time in many car rentals that I have to share in every forum on the net, so that no one else get rubbed like us!

We were going to Orlando for a week and found a fine deal with Dollar company(it was a little bit cheaper not thatt much)!anyways we went to the company to get the car and the lady just wanted to push different options on us to get more money and so we said no! and then at the end we saw the deal was more expensive than we expected and we saw the lady added another day by her self without asking!in response to our question she said"I thought you cant return it on time so I added another day!!!! so she corrected that as we noticed and again suggested us to have these EASY FAst Toll Passes for 8$/day
And we said no we will pay the tolls as we go!!!
Apparently in florida there are places you cant pay cash and you have to pass and they will send the amount later!so later we see that Dollar company charges two times 127$ from our account because of unpayed tolls! means 250$! I call and told the costumer service that" each toll wouldd be a dollar or maximum 5$ wwhats 250$ about?"
She said" yes but each toll has 20$ adminstrative CCChargessss!!! a total SCAM! So she made me to pay the 65$ for each day of having their toll service not to pay 250$!!! So the company is a BLABLABLaaa deals!! dont fool for that as you will pay much more than anyother company at the end!!!!
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Try PBI - if you can

If you can rent from Palm Beach International, you may get a lot cheaper rate.

I once got $10/day from Dollar, but it was the summer. The car smelled like smoke, but I couldn't beat the rate.

It was for a Hyundai Elantra.

FLL has a lot of things going on that drive up the price. I grew up there, so I'm well familiar with it.

If you have to fly into FLL, there used to be a lot of mom and pop rental places near the airport that were a lot cheaper.

The airport is on the TriRail line - You can try taking it up two exits to Cypress Creek drive and renting off of the airport to get cheaper rates. Find out where they are first before renting.

Last - try a bid on - Name your price.
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