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What cut of beef do you prefer to roast?

What cut of beef do you prefer to roast?

Old Dec 6, 18, 10:55 am
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What cut of beef do you prefer to roast?

My mother always bought eye of the round for roast beef. Not knowing any better, I've always bought the same thing. But I find it's relatively dry and tough compared to roast beef I've had in restaurants. One caveat: I don't want to spend all day cooking a rib roast at 200 degrees. What should I switch to?
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Old Dec 6, 18, 10:59 am
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The filet mignon cut from a cow is, undoubtedly, the most tender cut of steak you'll have. The cut from a rib roast is one of the most flavorful, thanks to incredible marbling that allows its fat to give it a taste and tenderness boost naturally. The filet is considered a fancier, more delicate cut
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Old Dec 6, 18, 11:26 am
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Rib is the best but only really works if you are buying a very large piece - for 8 plus. Otherwise, I personally go for a sirloin.
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Eye of round is the traditional roast beef you find in the deli cases. Easy to spot by it's translucent rainbow. Yes, it tends to be dry due to practically no marbling.

I think rib roasts are the best for roasting. If you buy a boneless one, they don't take nearly as long to cook. Reverse sear is the way to go for wall-to-wall pink. Best on a grill with good temperature control (like a kamado), but you could improvise with your oven and a screaming hot cast iron skillet (and an open window) at the end.

FWIW, my favorite 'roast' is actually a braise. This recipe is fool-proof: https://www.cookinglight.com/recipes...beef-pot-roast
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Old Dec 6, 18, 6:23 pm
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Don't buy any more eye of round, I can tell you that much. Your mother and mine bought it because it was the cheapest. Unless you pound the heck out of it for Swiss steak or grind it for burgers or meatloaf, and maybe not even then, it's going to be tough.

Rib roasts are the most flavorful, I think, and at a holiday sale price of $5.99/lb, a good buy. Sirloin, top sirloin, NY strip, flank, strip, and tri-tip are also good flavor value for the money, I think.

When I see T-bones and porterhouses in the store, I prefer the porterhouses if the price is right. They are essentially the same cut but located at different points along the cow, and the porterhouse has a larger tenderloin part than the T-bone.

I think that after rib roast, I would recommend tri-tip first, but where I live, it's not easy to find. Only Costco and one of the local grocery stores has it regularly. I hear it's more readily available west of the Mississippi.

Lately I've been worked up about the relative flavorlessness of a lot of beef, which I've researched online to some extent, and I've been steering (ha ha) toward stores that sell certified Angus beef to avoid beef produced using growth hormones that preclude flavor development. I can't, for example, remember the last time I bought a grocery store chuck steak that had any flavor. But that may be a topic for a different thread.

Sorry, looking back now, I see your specific question was what cut of beef do you prefer to ROAST. My answer then is ribeye. Most of my other answers are steak cuts for quick cooking. And based on what I said before about the flavorlessness of growth-hormone-stimulated beef, I wouldn't even call most chuck roast worth roasting these days.

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