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Good guidance

A quick note in support of our Mods and their thoughts posted today: The issue, in my opinion, here on this board is not what is being discussed but rather how it is being discussed. I will 100% agree that there are some threads created that our really just bash-fests for disgruntled DL customers (I am not drawing a distinction between NW and DL because it is pointless)… but so what? If you don’t like it don’t read it. I can almost guarantee you that many of the multi-page bash threads would have died a quick death if they had not degenerated into personal attacks and NW-DL finger pointing. If we all will just debate with reason and respect for everyone, regardless of what airline we come from or are going to, this board will be just fine. If there are a small handful of posters who are complaining (most likely for very good reason) and the vast majority of the board does not agree with them then the thread will die. If the thread lives because there is good, solid, respectful debate then it should live. That is what FT is here for and those debates and analysis result in some of the most useful and helpful information on Flyertalk.

DL does not want its customers to just move on to another airline and I do not want any poster to stay away from the DL board…ever. I read the note from Canarsie and I applaud it and will abide by it. The rest of my FT friends should do the same.
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I agree with you my friend. So long as we all try to debate with reason and stay away from personal attacks, this board will in fact be a better place.

Great post.
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From my POV, the problem is that every thread gets polluted by the same handful of posters agruing the same points back and forth. People are just plain sick of it and I don't blame them.
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