How long do you use the showers in SkyClubs?

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Originally Posted by arunhn View Post

i would have thought 16 minutes in that scenario
No, it should be shorter!

Anyways, 20-25 min should do it. Like SFTNYC noted, it takes a little longer if it's getting dressed for work vs. just a wake up and go shower.
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It would be faster if more clubs involved stronger vents.

I hate using the shower and having all the steam in there, which turns into sweat on your nice new shirt you put on.

Sometimes after I am dressed I crack the door for a minute so some of the steam escapes into the hall...but SkyClubs need the vents that get all the steam out basically by the time you're some hotels etc have
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10 minutes for the shower.
+ 5 for shaving (if between 2 long flights).
+ 5 if toilet inside the shower room.

But, if I see it is very busy for the shower, I will go to the normal toilet (and shave there also), to "free" the shower for other.

I think after 25 minutes the light inside the shower room must "flash" for few second (2 or 3), each minutes. After 30 minutes, the light must begin to "dim".
More than 30 minutes is excessive. Shower are there to use, not to squat...
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I have to use a bench to shower thanks to injuries. Thus it takes a bit longer for me. However I've never needed more than 30 minutes. Knocking and especially yelling really is poor form, especially before 30 minutes IMO. I use a shower at BNE regularly when flying CI TPE-AKL. They know I'll be out within 30. Even without anyone waiting they start knocking at 15-20.
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just experienced my first knock. i was using a shower at sfo and wrapping up after 15min when someone knocked.
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just experienced my first knock. i was using a shower at sfo and wrapping up after 15min when someone knocked.
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Originally Posted by runningformqm View Post
just experienced my first knock. i was using a shower at sfo and wrapping up after 15min when someone knocked.
15 mins is ridiculous for a knock. The most Iíve ever spent in the shower room is 20 mins and Iím almost always in there for at least 15 mins.
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In/Out in 15 min.
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Agree that 15 min is ridiculous for a knock.
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I think this is the opposite of a long shower. JFK T4 the other day and there was a wait, so I got one of those buzzers they give out. Went and sat at one of those work counters looking out a window and got lost in work emails for a bit. Realized an hour had gone by and went back - they said they'd been trying to buzz me but the pagers don't work unless you're in the closest half of the club.

Ladies were super nice and just gave me the next shower room 5 min later; but I guess a heads up if you're ever trying to take a shower at JFK and are somewhat dazed from a long-haul flight.

I believe I spent exactly 14 min 53 sec in the shower room.
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Never received a knock even if it was 30 minutes but I usually base it off of how many showers are open.

And sorry if this is slightly off topic... But has anybody ever noticed that the water pressure at Concourse E ATL is way higher for the first 1-2 showers? When I'm put in the last row I just start shivering.
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10-20 min. Depends if Iím just refreshing or if I need to shave and clean up before a meeting once I get to my final destination.
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15mins tops. I use the E club in ATL once a month and it's very crowded in the afternoon when I'm there. I just want to clean up and go to the club at B where the wine is better.
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I usually take like an hour. SSS.

my first S is quite leisurely. Then for my second S I take longer than usual and combine it with my third S.

then, it inevitably takes me like 25 minutes to change into clothes again.

ETA: this is typically at JFK
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Generally 15-20 mins. Agree on the lack of ventilation being an issue. If Iím cleaning up, Iím probably putting on a suit (and maybe tie) and the steam makes it extra uncomfortable.
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