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Is it possible to use more than 3 gift cards in one booking?

Is it possible to use more than 3 gift cards in one booking?

Old Feb 4, 2019, 5:27 pm
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Just an update on this. I had 12 x $100 Delta GCs from Walmart. (used free Walmart GC from rebates to purchase - long story).

I didn't want to call it in, so I figured heck, I'll go to my local airport 5 mins away, which has a Delta ticket counter, to purchase 2 one way tixx for a guest and myself. I get there, tell him the flight I need, etc, and initially I thought the guys head was going to explode when I said I'll be paying with 12 gift cards, but he called the help desk, they seemed to handle it pretty good, but it did take about an hour in total. He first had to split the tickets up (he said something about my guest not being there and not having a Skymiles numbers to the help desk person - not sure why that would matter?), so they made two ticket records, one for me, one for my guest. Each ticket $591. He read her 6 gift card numbers (without the PIN). Then the ticket record # and she did something on her end to process it. Then he did the same for my guests ticket record. At the end he asked me for my email so she could email me back a $18 voucher which is what was left of the $1200. I didn't see that $18 voucher yet tho.

Once completed, he gave me the confirmation numbers and I was able to load them into my Delta app and assign 'preferred' seats (since I have the Amex Gold Delta card) for both myself and guest. Seems to be OK!

tldr; you can use multiple GCs with little hassle at an airport ticket counter!
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Old Feb 5, 2019, 6:16 am
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Thanks for the detailed report, Alanisrox69.
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Old Feb 15, 2019, 3:30 pm
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I just booked with six gift cards over the phone and my agent was fantastic. Took < 15 minutes
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Old Feb 27, 2019, 6:33 am
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Thank you for your encouraging input, Whicuz.
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Old Feb 27, 2019, 7:10 pm
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Wow... this all seems like a silly, crazy amount of work for both customers and Delta themselves. Kinda ridiculous they can't just accept a higher number of gift cards online. Many consider AA to be an incredibly inept airline and they seem to be able to handle eight without any problem. It ain't rocket science, it's a code change...

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Old Feb 27, 2019, 8:40 pm
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This depend if a very old pgm, with lots of goto and "hard coding",
In this case this can be a ... challenge, and no one want to do this, because this happen only a few time a year...
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Old Mar 17, 2019, 7:12 pm
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This is definitely a YMMV thing and you waste a lot of time finding out if it works or not. I just got off the phone with Delta, wanted to use 8x $50 cards. After half an hour of entering passenger info, gift card numbers, and being on hold, the agent had to call a ticket supervisor over who claimed the only way to do this was to break my reservation into 4 (4 people) and even split my credit card charge into 4 separate charges. How ridiculous! Get it together Delta...
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Old Mar 17, 2019, 9:00 pm
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seems that the software for some carriers only have a place to put the payment in a limited amount of spaces. Cash/credit/ecredit - all the same. There are only 3 slots to put the information into.

Southwest has a similar problem. Folks just book a ticket, then cancel and get one big refund/credit.
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Old May 7, 2019, 11:43 am
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Are Delta still providing a single e-cert for cancelled reservations within 24 hours?
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Old May 26, 2019, 2:01 pm
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Originally Posted by navatwal
Are Delta still providing a single e-cert for cancelled reservations within 24 hours?
Does Delta still do this? If you use 3 Delta gift cards then cancel in a 24 hour period does it return as a single credit or do the amounts go back to each e-gift certificate again? Booked a flight and had to pay the last 150 with cash but would prefer to use cards. If they return to the gift cards, is that automatic? Then I can call the reservation line and use five...
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Old May 26, 2019, 8:14 pm
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You can do it all online if you use 3 per original transaction (say a $145 flight with 3 $50 gift cards), and another 3 for each change, you can make unlimited changes within 24 hrs of the original ticket booking online.

So esentially you start with a dummy booking and keep changing it to increasingly expensive flights until finally landing on the actual one you want..

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Old May 26, 2019, 10:40 pm
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I'll be my own data point here in several regards:

Originally booked a flight online, used 3 gift cards and paid the remainder. Had 2 gift cards left over out of a total of 5.

Cancelled within 24 hours. A few minutes later, during a phone call to the reservations line, I was able to use the 3 gift cards I'd earlier emptied, and 2 others. I got the same flight, same seat, no problem. So they not only are refunded back to the original gift cards, but they were usable immediately again. Sadly still can't use more than 3 online, as silverforumsurf mentioned. As in line with what that user suggested, I noticed I could once again use 3 more cards if I wanted to upgrade my economy ticket.
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Old Jun 3, 2019, 8:27 pm
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Originally Posted by robe0341
I was just able to use 26 Delta gift cards in a single transaction (mostly $50). It did take close to 2 hours to process.

From what the agent said, anything over 3 gift cards requires a supervisor. The process involved me reading all 26 gift cards, which took maybe 20 minutes (including setting up the actual flights and her verifying the process with supervisors). Somewhere between 3 and 26 gift cards they started running into system issues (which explains the other hour and 40 minutes). Everyone on the Delta side was surprised it took as long as it did, but they had never done that many before either. They didn't tell me what they were doing to process, but I did get an email while I was waiting on hold, that I had a travel voucher that was worth my first 17 gift cards.

I have no status and did this by calling into the main reservation line, so this is available to anyone who's got some free time.
Just got off the phone using the silver medallion line and an agent initially said I can only use 3 gift cards. I pressed to see if I could use several more and they got confused with what I had/ what I was trying to do. I asked to see they could transfer me to the gift card department (read from a prior post) where they could combine them so I can use them online at a later time. They asked me to give them one of the gift card numbers and they went away to check with a supervisor. After about 10 min the agent came back and said they could combine multiple egift cards and asked how many. I said 22 and they said it wouldn’t be a problem. Before they could start processing the egift cards, they needed a reservation to work off of so I feed them the dates, times, and flight numbers of an upcoming trip I needed to take. After that I spent the next 20 min or so feeding them the egift card info. Around gift card 17-18, they said the system was bogging down but to wait. After another 15 minutes, I gave them the remaining gift card numbers. I was then transferred to another agent that was processing the egift cards the first agent was feeding them. After another 30 min on hold for processing, I gave them payment information for the remaining balance. All said and done, I was on the phone for 1 hour and 57 minutes between 2 agents from the Minneapolis area. I made sure to thank them each profusely and submitted compliments online.

After reading this thread numerous times, I had the time today to do this. This was my first attempt at combining egift cards. Your mileage may vary. Lesson learned though, EARN and BURN!
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Old Jul 7, 2019, 5:51 am
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Am I right in thinking that cancelled bookings within 24 hours no longer credit back into a single larger e-cert but go back to the original gift card ?

DP: Just tried and that is exactly what happens, returns back to original GC

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Old Dec 25, 2019, 10:01 am
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You have to call to combine and it takes some time

I tried booking a flight with egiftcards and then cancelling to combine them. Didn't work for me either. The balance just went back to the three $50 gift cards I started with. I had 8 total.

Yesterday, I was able to use my 8 $50 egiftcards to book a flight over the phone. The customer service rep had to get tech support to help do it, and it took 1 hr 30 min for the entire call. It was worth it for me, because I just put the phone on speaker and did other things while waiting for the later ones to process. Once we got up to 6, it started to take much longer.

At the end I thanked the customer service rep and made sure to give them a good rating.
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