USAirways MasterCard problems


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Unhappy USAirways MasterCard problems

Has anyone had problems using their card internationally?

I just the the Barklays Premier World card last month but only used it domestically. I just purchased two EasyJet tickets online as part of an upcoming trip (FCO-ATH) because it was the best deal. That order goes through but I then get an email from "US Airways MasterCard <>" saying a possible fraud alert and "For your protection, transactions on your account may be limited until we are able to speak with you."

It had a case number and 800 number to call 24x7. I did that and the recording said that it did not recognize the case number and put me on hold. 30 seconds later I get the recording that I need to call back during business hours.

Well, since no one is answering I go to their website. It says that there is an alert and asks me to review it. I say OK and then the web site errors out. I tried it on Firefox, IE, and Safari - all the same error.

What kind of a small time outfit is Barklays Bank? Is this to be expected of the card? I already thought that it was strange that they hid their name as much as possible.
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happens to them all, and yes barklays is a small time outfit, but citi is by far the worst for this....
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Barclays is one of the half dozen largest banks in the world, dating to 1690. Their USA credit card business, however, was only acquired in 2004 and was previously Juniper Financial Corporation. Have you tried to use the card since receiving the email?
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After I got the automated phone call at 9:03am this morning I tried the web site again. Still broke. I went to the 800 number and it worked this time. What a relief.

My issue is not that they have fraud detection, but that their web site is broken and their 800 number is not 24x7. I have had other cards contact me in the past with fraud alerts but have never had a problem contacting them to clear things up. I will send them a note about it to at least register the issue.

Thanks for listening.
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Angry Not a Fan

I do not like them at all, and had very bad experience almost every time. They outsource the help 800 # the Phillipines and realy stupid, uneducated .....
On rare occassions like at 11:00 pm exactly, if you call the # at the top of the website you may get lucky and get an USA person.
Try this website:

Lots a luck.
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Angry USAirways MAstercard Promises....

USAir is notorious for poor customer service but their Mastercard deal only adds insult to injury.

I rarely, if ever, sign up for these cards but I noticed on a recent business trip on USAIR, an associate was not paying baggage fees and was being upgraded on his loading zone, etc. I asked why and he told me about the Mastercard deal.

On the flight, the attendants did their usual pitch and I decided to sign up on the flight to qualify for the multitude of benefits you'd get if you signed up right then and there. The benefits included: instant Silver preferred upgrade, two free tickets anywhere in the US, 10,000 bonus miles and a few other odds and ends.

Several months later, I still hadn't received notification that any of my status changes were put into effect and none of the promised bonuses had been delivered. The last USAIR flight I took, I still had to pay baggage charges to and from the destination because I hadn't received Silver status yet. Note that you can't discuss any of this with people at the ticking counter because they'll tell you right away, they can't help with any of the promised benefits of the card, so you just have to shut up and pay (and that's about how they put least the counter attendants in Philadelphia, anyway...).

Today, I finally called USAIR Mastercard to find out what the deal was and here's what I was told: You don't qualify for any of those benefits unless you upgrade your annual fee to $80.00 at the time you sign up. If you go with the standard, $45.00 fee, you get nothing...just a credit card that earns miles on USAIR and an incredibly high interest rate.

When I asked if I could upgrade my annual fee to the $80.00 to take advantage of all these wonderful benefits promised on the flight, I was told that, due to new Federal Rules, they were not allowed to upgrade my account at this time, so I get nothing. Of course, they're going to let me know when it's OK for me to upgrade to the higher annual fee...which, I'm sure, will be well after the terms have expired for receiving any of the promised benefits.

So, if you DO decide to sign up for one of these cards, under the guise that you'll be receiving the sun, the moon and the stars, be sure to read the fine print and ask lots of questions. Otherwise, you'll end up being just as disappointed with this as you are with the rest of USAIR's crappy customer service.

As an aside...I was in Europe recently on vacation and received word that my wife's mother had been hospitalized with a serious health issue. We had one more day left on our vacation but my wife desperately wanted to get home to the states to be with her mother, in case the worst should happen. When I called USAIR to inquire about moving our flight up by one day (the same fight, but a day earlier), I was told that because there were only a very few seats left on that flight, they were holding them for a higher price. So, if I wanted to make the change, it was going to cost me $3000.00 per ticket, after all of their change penalties! This was more than double what we paid for the tickets we originally purchased from USAIR!

Ultimately, we booked two one way tickets through AMEX Travel which ended up costing us half as much (still, $3000—total, not each) but at least we made it home.

Once again, another sterling example of USAIR's customer friendly service.

I'd never fly USAIR if I didn't live in Philadelphia, but since it's their hub, the flight options on other airlines for direct flights just don't match.

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Originally Posted by man on the street View Post
USAir is notorious for poor customer service
Welcome to Flyertalk.

This may be true, but US Airways is not a bank and they do not issue credit cards. The misunderstanding of the features of the card is between you and Barclay's Bank.

...due to new Federal Rules, they were not allowed to upgrade my account at this time...
This is true, but you could cancel the card that you have now and apply for the one that you meant to apply for the first time and (probably) receive a prorated refund of the annual fee on the standard card.

incredibly high interest rate.
If you do not carry a balance this rate is irrelevant. If you do carry a balance I suggest that you look for a card with the lowest interest rate and forget rewards cards. There are threads here discussing low rate cards (typically issued by credit unions), but Flyertalk is really not the best place to research that topic. Typically, rewards cards are only a good deal if you pay your balance in full each and every month.
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