Experience with 1800 WeCare2

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Experience with 1800 WeCare2

What are your experiences with 1 800 We Care2?

I have never called it and was told that I should by the gate agent checking me in at FLL based on an error that was computer related regarding my reservation.

Is this number a sham where they just sit there and listen to you and nothing really happens or do they really care? Is it worth the effort to call them? What are FT'ers experiences with this number?
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I had called to try and resolve the ridiculous automated rescheduling on the ticket. The call was answered by the most incompetent uncaring individual I ever dealt with at CO.

I called the Elite line and got much better results. As far as I'm concered the 1-800-We-Could-Care-Less line is a waste of time.
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1-800-WECare2 is essentially useless. They take your complaint/concern, then try and convince you that it has no merit. It is a good marketing tool, but little else.

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I'm going to disagree. Earlier in the year, I made a reservation to fly to Tokyo on an upgradable fare. Called back to pay for it the next day and the reservation was quite messed up---instead of the 10 day trip I'd thought I'd reserved (from my notes), they had me going for 24 days. Moving the trip to the correct days added 1k to my ticket price

The Plat line rep couldn't help me at all. So I called WeCare2 and got a wonderful person who pulled up the record and saw that the agent had booked the correct dates and when going back and adding a phone number, changed one number in the return field. And while my original fare wouldn't compute when they tried to rebook me, they MADE it work.

The whole thing took about 90 minutes, but I'm not complaining. I did take the time to write a thank-you for that one.

On the other hand, I have come across several reps that didn't seem interested in dealing with me at all---but they're the minority.
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I've got to give a qualified agreement with joanek. I also have had mixed responses. Some of their agents were terrific, some could care less. However, I've found the mix to be about 50-50.
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40/60 for me. Sometimes good. sometimes not.
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I called and the issue was resolved to my satisfaction. She was very nice although it took her a long time. I don't know where she went but she just kept putting me on hold with each question and then coming back. In the end I was satisfied. So far I'll say I'm one for one. thanks for all your input

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You mean the 1-800-we-dont-give-a-darn-but-call-us-and-we'll-sound-like-we-care-and-then-we'll-do-absolutely-nothing2 line?
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I agree with cigarman, except I would say more like 25/75. I've pretty much stopped using 1-800-WECARE2 the last couple of years; when I have an issue with CO, I write a letter, and when I run into a difficulty that I need help with, I call the "Platinum line." (Even if it's not a special line, they are almost invariably helpful to me.)

I've always wondered whatever happened to 1-800-WECARE1; I tried it and got that irritating "siren" followed by "We're sorry. You have reached a number that cannot be reached from your calling area." Anyone on the East Coast want to give it a try?
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"1" doesn't work here either. Why did CO choose 2? It sounds like the word "too". If you hear the number rather than see it (e.g., FA verbally gives you the phone number to call to complain about spilled coffee all over your white pants), you might end up dialing 800-932-2738, not -2732.
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Actually I have pretty decent response about 75/25 in the good favor...

They recently helped me on my EWR-DUS itinerary whoch was cancelled and originally they were just going to send me to FRA and leave me there. Elite line said nope sorry FRA is it, but the wecare rep actually got me either a connection on LH to DUS or to rebook me on the LH nonstop to DUS from EWR.

- HobokenFlyer
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If they really really cared, they would set up a special email address for FT users like the Hilton did about 2 months ago - it is [email protected] They have a dedicated staff that is supposed to respond to requests - either through email or phone - within 24 hours.
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I recently called the wecare2 for CO to find out when they start to fly to Athens (Greece) again if there would be Greek speaking crew in May next year because this summer when i flew to Greece there weren't any Greek speaking flight attendants. Besides them not even knowing that there were none this summer they insisted that there were and wouldn't let me place a complaint.

If anyone is trying to complain for the same reason we are trying to get this issue resolved. otherwise u can always visit http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/Greek-Speakers-Return to push the right for those who want equal rights in all foreign markets.
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Does anyone know if an email address for WeCare exists?
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Originally Posted by 4Health View Post
Does anyone know if an email address for WeCare exists?

Not an email but if you want to go the electronic route it is your best bet to get started.
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