Embarrasing newbie question

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Embarrasing newbie question

After getting some answers to an earlier question I began to wonder about something else. The first question had to do with, when would I actually gain elite status. The answer was basically as soon as I earned it.

What I am now wondering is how long do I maintain Platinum Elite? If I qualify this June, Does it expire March 1, 2000? Or is it actually good throughout next year. On the surface it seems rather easy, because if that were the case there probably wouldn't be any elites early in the year, but still I am wondering how long I will keep the title.

Incedentally at this point I am a consultant and will fly weekly, and usually four segments so I will build quickly and maintain it for a couple of years.

If only my credit didn't suck I could get a credit card to go with this account, and get that many more miles each week. I have to arrange and purchase all of my own travel iteneraries. Usually its 1-2 weeks for reimbursement, however since I am a contractor they won't issue me a credit card and I doubt I could get one right now. Shucks.

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BTW: I think everyone of us, asked this question at one point, at least I did.

Generally you get the elite status the day after your account hits the right level.

So, lets say on April 1 you fly your 25,000th mile. On April 4th you should get your flight posted(CO usually takes 3 days to post flights), You are now Silver elite, your silver benefits take effect on April 5th. You are now Silver for the rest of the 1999 program year and all of the 2000 program year. In other words, you're silver till Feb 28 2001. All you need to do now, is fly enough in 2000 to hit the same elite level and you get it for the following year.

As for the credit card, I certainly wouldnt hurt to contact Chase and apply. All they can do is turn you down. Also, if you open an account with them, they may be willing to offer you a credit card with a low credit limit. As you pay the card off on time, they should be willing to up the credit limit.
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Get a DinersClub card which allows you to pay in two cycles without interest charge. And you can transfer points to CO miles if necessary.
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One little clarification about when an elite status is activated. The OnePass computer system upgrades elite statuses on Saturday evening. So, every Saturday, the computer checks to see whose mileage balances warrant an increase to the next level. So, the real answer is that your status would take effect on the first Sunday after your flights are posted to your account. Once that happens, you will have all benefits of the particular level for which you qualified.

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