OnePass question

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OnePass question

Hi all,
Totally new to The onepass program, But have a few questions before I enroll, I have no knowledge in this program so mint the if theyre silly.

1. I understood that as of October the One pass program is ending and the are joining the star alliance, I see that Onepass is still active, can someone please explain to me what the changes were exactly.

2. Can I earn miles with Onepass from Delta flights? (that might be part of the answer on the first question.)

3. And finally, Do Onepass offer like some othe FF programs do, that I can collect miles when travelling with other members of my family with the same surname as me, on to my account?

Many thanks much appreciated
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1) CO moved from SkyTeam to Star Alliance but in both cases the individual airlines always keep their own program. The alliances offer marketing and other benefits but they do not have a "central" program.

2) No.

3) No.
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