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Modelling in China

Modelling in China

Old Jun 28, 06, 4:38 am
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Modelling in China

Modelling in China

I'm interested to know the first hand experiences of expats who've worked as models in China (of Asia in general).

I'm in Beijing now with intentions of heading to SHanghai. I'm not an exceptionally tall guy (only 173cm), but that's ok because I'm not interested in RUNWAY modelling.

My question relates to Photographic modelling and the like (clothing, underwear, magazine, advertising etc...)

Anyways, I don't have a professional model's portfolio (I simply have pictures).

What is a model portfolio anyways (does it mean the difference between finding and not finding work). I mean aren't picture attachments and a quick email enough to convince Chinese modelling agencies that you're attractive and bodily-abled enough to model?

If not, is getting this portfolio worth it? How much does it cost and what does it entail? Can I use it internationally after I leave China too?

I know I sound dense but I'm just trying to gather information and do my homework.

How much are models in Beijing or Shanghai paid? WHat kind of non-runway work do they find? Is it legit or a waste of time?

I've been invited for a meeting with some agency working out of an office building near SOHO in Beijing. What can i expect from them (what do Chinese modelling agencies want). Is it anything like English teaching?

Ok, that was a joke.

Please share your Asian (China) modelling experiences here. Thanks again in advance...
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Old Jun 28, 06, 7:38 pm
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The only person I know who made a living as a model in Japan (as opposed to a couple of other people who did occasional jobs there) had forged a relatively successful career in Europe first. Her agency dealt with portfolios, etc.. She never had to go to a casting or had any need to tout for work there. This was in the early 90s. She then got married to a rich business man and had a pretty lousy marriage .

Perhaps you could get involved with projects by fashion students in your own country first. Taking part as a volunteer for some interesting fashion shows or photo-shoots by some dynamic students should net you a collection of interesting photos (including clippings featured in the press and media) which will help you turn your collection of photos into an interesting portfolio. My ex-boyfriend got roped into modelling for Mulberry because a friend of ours needed a hand, and this is someone who had absolutely no interest in modelling for a career. Go to a big city and keep abreast of the local 'scene' - go to the best clubs, make friends, be imaginative in how you dress; people will ask to photograph you and you'll feature in some style magazines... that's how it works in London anyway. It's not that hard.

You'll likely have much more success in Asia if you can demonstrate that you've already enjoyed a degree of success/had interest shown in you in your own country!

(I'll guess that this isn't the advice you wanted to hear though.)
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Old Jun 29, 06, 12:20 pm
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Then there were the two female twins from Buckley, Michigan who diverted a UA flight ORD/Shanghai after being drunk, smoking in the lav and fighting with passengers and the crew. The video was all over the place, and they were seen slurring that they were going to Shanghai on a free ticket for a "modeling competition." The word locally (Buckley is just S. of TVC) is that someone on the flight warned them that there was no "modeling" involved in the trip that they signed up for, and that they caused the disturbance to get out of the trip.

Perhaps not totally true, and slightly OT, but something for one to consider.
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Old Jun 29, 06, 12:51 pm
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Originally Posted by persianpower
Modelling in China


I'm in Beijing now with intentions of heading to SHanghai. I'm not an exceptionally tall guy (only 173cm), but that's ok because I'm not interested in RUNWAY modelling.

An American guy in Shanghai does some modeling/acting .
Here's a link to his website you can search it as he has
some posts about what he has done.
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First off, I think getting in contact with that agency is the first big step. In Korea, non-runway modeling opportunities would include photography (print, internet) and home shopping network. Are you of Chinese or Asian descent? There is work for non-Asians in Asia but I think the chances are quite higher of you are Asian. Good luck.
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