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Chase removes email option for verification codes.

Chase removes email option for verification codes.

Old Sep 4, 22, 5:38 pm
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Unlocked iPhones running iOS 13 support IMS for using a local sim/esim for data without the US sim incurring roaming charges.
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Old Sep 5, 22, 10:34 am
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Originally Posted by hotturnip
I had this problem domestically recently. Chase has my landline # on my account. I was trying to log in on a my laptop from a new location. I finally called THEM (that's one of the options). That was her solution for when I go to Europe: call them collect. Phooey on that. Collect calls in Italy are a nightmare, un vero incubo. I asked if I'd have to re-verify on this same computer every time I was at a new IP address, and she said yes. But it hasn't worked that way this trip. I've used two new internet services and not had to re-verify. Maybe I'm good for the device now.
Can confirm collect call from Italy is near impossible. Also collect call must be placed on a landline. These days even hotel phone systems have changed to VoiP setting, you cannot even call collect from a hotel phone I am told by one hotel we stayed at in London a couple years ago when trying to call Citi.

Each time you close down your browser or shut down your computer, the verification will come back. The ONLY time I found out you dont need to reverify is your computer/browser has been stayed on since last verification. This is the security bug I have to say because I used a friend's Hong Kong office workstation to log in Chase YEARS AGO. That workstation never goes down and is only used to monitor their company's projects progress timelines. It is on 24/7, 365 with power back up. Chase recognizes that computer even my last log in may be 2 years ago! There is NO option on Chase website to choose whether this is a public device or your own device. All other financial institutions and FFPs have such options. Chase does not!
App on tablet behaves the same. As long as it is the same device, Chase will always let you log in without the verification.
Email verification is such a vital function that should never be disabled especially people are very mobile these days.
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Old Dec 29, 22, 7:32 pm
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Translogic. Your way works!!! Damn I'm so happy now! It's not just for travel. I had my phone crap out on me before and while trying to see I could get it fixed or buy a new one I couldn't access my bank account. You are a hero! I just created an account to thank you!!

Look below the rest of Translogic responses. His method works! I even called Chase customer service twice and they told me email is removed but follow what Translogic showed, it works!!

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Old Apr 13, 23, 12:46 pm
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Just made an account to help anyone that was trying to figure out this issue as well. I got a new phone recently and for some reason my chase account shows my old phone numbers I don't have access too anymore even though I have update phone numbers on the system. In order to avoid a lengthy phone call talking to CS to remove that just so I can get a 2 step code to setup the app. I was searching a while and found the reddit post that helped me get the email code that allowed me to login on my new phone. The information Translogic posted above is correct but doesn't show exactly how to turn on that extra step at the bottom. That step is what helps bring email verification back.

Stumbled on this thread after going crazy looking for this setting. In case it helps anyone, I found the setting by clicking "Security & privacy" on the sidebar (click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen) and scrolling to the bottom of the screen under the "Resources" heading--you should see "Add extra security when you sign in using a browser" there " . From reddit post credit to monskluppers
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Old May 8, 23, 6:11 pm
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It seems I can no longer do 2FA with my email address anymore....only SMS or call. Has this happened to anyone else? I sent a Secure Message but I don't have a lot of confidence that the team will be able to fix a technical (I'm assuming) issue like this...
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Old May 8, 23, 6:25 pm
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Moderator action

I moved your post into the thread discussing this change, first reported in early 2022.
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Old May 9, 23, 11:49 am
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Originally Posted by mia
I moved your post into the thread discussing this change, first reported in early 2022.
Thanks - had no idea it was something widespread...this just happened recently to my account. I know I got an email 2FA code at the end of April. But I believe I removed an older work email from my account - I wonder if that's what triggered the update

Pretty annoying
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Old May 9, 23, 12:05 pm
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Originally Posted by Translogic
I came upon this thread while searching for a way to get email 2FA for the website and turns out the answer is, You have to add an additional email to your chase account

Then switch the option that says what it's used for to Online Security

Now I am trying to figure out a way to remove SMS 2FA because sim swapping of course
Realizing this is old - did this take 24 hours to work? Or did it happen immediately after adding it and logging out? I tried a variation of my gmail account with a dot in it and that does not seem work
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Old May 17, 23, 2:09 pm
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Thank you @Translogic and @Komatic, worked for me!

Originally Posted by lax01
Realizing this is old - did this take 24 hours to work? Or did it happen immediately after adding it and logging out? I tried a variation of my gmail account with a dot in it and that does not seem work
@lax01 You probably already figured it out by now... My "Extra security at sign-in" toggle was already On after adding an additional email. I opened a different browser to force a 2FA at sign in, but did not get the email option. Went back to the original browser to the "Extra security at sign-in" page again, somehow the toggle is set to Off. I toggled it back to On, went back to the second browser to try to sign in, now the email option showed up. Not sure if doing this actually triggered immediate refresh though - could be it just needed a few minutes to propagate the changes.
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