London to Edinburgh: BA vs. Train

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Originally Posted by Blumie
Thanks everyone. I've narrowed my choices to BA's 700a departure from LCY and first class on the train.

I have traveled between NYC and Boston dozens (perhaps hundreds) of times and go through this same debate every time. For years I was a regular flying LGA-BOS, particularly when the hourly shuttle flights were in operation, but now almost always take the train (FWIW, on the Amtrak Acela trains I actually prefer sitting in the Quiet Car to sitting in first class). It costs me about an hour extra door-to-door, but it's so much more relaxing. For that reason, my inclination is to take the train, but I'll continue to follow the discussion on this thread.
Absolutely take the train, LNER first class, and reserve a seat on the single side for the views starting about an hour south of Edinburgh. It's sort of like sitting on the right side of a northbound Acela on the New York to Boston run, except better.

I agree with the quiet car being preferable to First Class on the Acela, but First on LNER is better than First on the Acela (or at least less awkward). The food is just OK, but you'll basically get a continuous drink service for about 4 hours. The lounges are nothing special, but most train station lounges aren't (except maybe the newish Moynihan lounge), though I guess they're still better than standing around waiting for your track to post.

You've been on a gazillion planes. Take the train.

(I say this having had LNER cancel my train and effectively therefore my side trip.)
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Plus one for train one way and LCY the other. If there is an avios ticket, book it now and then you can cancel and get the train. And if there is a train strike then you can fly.

The key word in your query was August.

Trains, planes etc will be rammed.

I wouldn't bother with the sleeper. You'd be better taking the 18:30 from Kings Cross to Edinburgh and staying in a youth hostel!

So there is another option - take the last service the night before to Newcastle or Berwick and stay there, then it is a short hop up to Edinburgh. No crazy early in the morning stuff!
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Everyone always in a rush!!

I would take the train to Leeds - then take the Settle and Carlisle Line to Carlisle and then onwards to Edinburgh.

Sure, will take you most of the day - but you will at least have time to "Stand (or even sit) and Stare" and have many more interesting things to talk about then how bad security was etc etc

If you are in a rush to get there then do it on the way back (oh and btw, I also would avoid the sleeper - absolutely the worst way to travel in the UK - unless you have a 7 or 14 day all line rover and are trying to avoid paying for a hotel for the night)
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I find trains in the UK, now they have been generally densified, an increasingly unpleasant experience. Tiny seats, packed, loud, hot and not that smooth a ride. FR is more comfortable at least in Coach and you are in those seats for a much longer time than flying.
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Originally Posted by Confus
Not sure if this is a recent thing, but Ive taken half a dozen BACF flights to/from EDI this year and all but one have used both front and back doors (the one exception had a load of 24/98 which probably explains why it didnt). The rear steps tend to be open first for reasons Ive never worked out.
TBH I haven't actually landed in Edinburgh from City for a while so it's perfectly possible the dual boarding thing applies there too. I think I was getting confused with when I flew to Amsterdam where it only exited from the front so I had a very long wait.
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