What's your short haul champagne record?

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What's your short haul champagne record?

A frivolous thread but please do indulge me.

Flying can be a treat and not a chore. I only fly for pleasure.

I'm flying to Belfast from LHR on my birthday in a couple of weeks. My previous record on that route (I'm from NI) is 4 of the miniature bottles when they were being served. I haven't flown it in a couple of years since moving to Newcastle and I do miss the short hop now I have to fly EasyJet.

Please drink responsibly.
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RTM-LCY 6 mini bottles. No, just kidding, only two but I got additionally a bag of 4 to be consumed later. A very nice F/A.
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Back when the mini bottles were served I had had four LHR-GLA, and the exasperated lead said Ive never seen anyone have four on a Glasgow could you manage another? I dont need to be asked twice!
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Going to NYC back in October I was upgraded to CE GLA > LHR.

It was a full size bottle but I had a sizeable chunk of the bottle and a glass for landing either that it was going down the sink. Certainly made the long haul sector more comfortable
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Got upgraded going to Prague once, shortly before Mrs S started with BA. Had about four glasses then when went up to get another I got talking to the crew about life at BA. She had an opened bottle with one glass out of it and said that no-one else was drinking it and it would be thrown away otherwise. So I had the rest.
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You guys are all lightweights.
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4 bottles on a LBA- LHR, with no delay to the landing (this point was quite important to young Karfa, who I believe may have done the same)
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I’m going to stick with ‘many’ so as not to incriminate myself I will say the most on a short haul was AF CDG-NCL, finished a full sized bottle before takeoff, had the dregs in a plastic cup as we taxied for take off for a VERY delayed flight. Got to love the AF ‘if we’re delayed, open the champagne’ ethos. Didn’t manage to finish the entire second bottle in flight, but I gave it a good go.
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2 Full bottles on CDG-AMS on AF 😁😄 not proud of it, but sort of I am 😁😂

There were two of us on that flight and together we emptied 4 bottles, the FA was shocked and said she has nothing now left for the return 😉 luckily it was NOT a direct turn for me...

Oh the good old days

First bottle was empty before the plane took off 😂😁
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In the days where I used to drink, I once had at least 6 small bottles on a flight back in 1A* from ARN. It was in those strange brown-seated 'suites' they used from Dubai and this was on a flight back from Stockholm. Such a surreal flight. Seat was bizarre. Very wide. Anyway, one crew kept slipping me bottles through the curtain. In the end I had to say 'o more' as it was such an incredible amount on a relatively short flight.

*1A. Thinking about it, I think those suites were 1 per row as my business partner was on the other side and I'm sure I had no-one sitting next to me! Must have been around 2016. Old plane BA had bought from another company. What happened to those planes?
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ARN-LHR New Year's Day a few years ago Mrs CKBA and myself had a whole large bottle to ourselves since no one else wanted any - had it sat in a plastic box full of ice in the 'spare' middle seat. What an ordeal... .
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It's off topic, but I got upgraded to F on the LHR-MNL flight back when there was no flat bed in business but there was in F. My first F experience, (if you see what I mean). Films were cassettes then. We were delayed at the gate, watched (I think) Fever Pitch). Managed to consume a large bottle of fizzy before take off. Absolutely miserable flight, indigestion an reflux the whole way. Lesson learnt.
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I think that Karfa hold the record on the sub 1 hour LBA to LHR (or maybe reverse)
This was before I knew who he was and I was very impressed by the ability of the chap in the seat next to me to down 4 bottles
Subsequently saw it repeated on a delayed flight some time later
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Acid reflux
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I've never seen anyone drinking Champagne on a S/H flight. Usually a G&T for me or a Whisky. Was once given a few miniatures of the latter to take away on the last LHR-GLA shuttle of the day.
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