Any progress on WiFi rollout?

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There are always some people fearing the idea of people video calling non stop and so on if there is inflight wifi. To which I offer these facts:

The bandwidth, latency and reliability of the inflight wifi will rarely support streaming audio for long;

The noise of most aircraft, especially the 777 and 747, will drown out someone talking more than a couple of seats away;

People can talk to people and that is just as loud, and if you have a pair of chatterboxes next to you that's just as noisy as a hypothetical person on a video call;

and I offer this experience:

I have not experienced a single person making any noticeable noise on any wifi equipped AA flight I have ever taken, that was due to to the wifi. If they were noisy, it was talking to their fellow passengers, snoring, or something else.

So inflight wifi: not a noise problem. Calm down.
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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave
There's also a cheaper smartphone/ only rate which is cheaper still ($8 per flight).
$8 for 24 hours actually, although only for flights on the same airline.
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Originally Posted by flatlander
The bandwidth, latency and reliability of the inflight wifi will rarely support streaming audio for long
I don't think these things are a signficant barrier with newer solutions (like the Ku-band solution BA are installing). And VOIP could still be blocked.

Agree with the other things you've stated though.
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Originally Posted by TCX69
An A320 will be the first Shorthaul aircraft commencing the first week in December 2016. It too is planned to start flying with WiFi in January 2017.
Any update on shorthaul WiFi?

Have any shorthaul Airbii been fitted yet?

Has that January 2017 date slipped by several months?
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Odd timing, as there's this linked from the Flyertalk homepage:

I am getting a bit confused as to what is actually being rolled out and when, but at least this latest announcement doesn't sound like "January 2017" to me.

If I understand it is a new European equivalent of the current Air-to-ground Gogo service in the US rolled out through Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom in Europe ( I don't know to what extent the Satellite element of that will be used - probably where there is no Cell tower coverage? With IAG seemingly being the first customer, that in itself doesn't bode well for a quick rollout, but is probably good for speeds.

I take it that this is the EUROPEAN Wifi partner, as compared to what was announced for intercontinental flights earlier last year, which is Gogo's 2Ku. That's satellite only and as far as I can tell doesn't use Inmarsat at all.

So I suppose that's both domestic/European and Intercontinental sorted now and the rollout will probably happen quite differently.
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