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Will AA rebook if delay breaks MCT? (LAX-PHX-SFO flight)

Will AA rebook if delay breaks MCT? (LAX-PHX-SFO flight)

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I'm surprised at how low the MCT is, doors close at T-10 so really that gives 15 minutes between scheduled arrival and when you'd have to be at the new gate. I suppose iff everything goes 100% perfect, you're in the front of the plane and your next flight is close by your arrival gate...you that's unlikely to happen and odds are you will either find a sympathetic agent in LAX or you're going to have a longer than planned layover in PHX.
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Originally Posted by JJeffrey View Post
For day of departure irrops situations it doesn't matter how the ticket was booked or that it was booked through another carrier, etc. AA is the responsible party, it should be no problem for any agent at LAX to rebook the OP should the first flight get delayed.

I would be watching it like a hawk, at the first even slightest sign of a delay I'd be asking in the AC to be rebooked on a nonstop.
This is my experience, my understanding is that once it's day of departure the operating carrier has all the responsibility.

I'll certainly be watching things very closely - how are AA with posting delays? It's been a while since I've flown them with any regularity, but I seem to remember them being very slow to show a delay.I'm hoping they'll be a little like BA, who seem to often post a minor delay 24+ hours from departure.

Originally Posted by dfw88 View Post
To answer the second part of your question, PHX is a pretty easy airport for AA. I'd suggest hopping on AA.com as soon as you land to get the updated gate for your connection. Once you get off the aircraft, pay attention to which concourse you're going to. The gates are not in the order that you would expect! At least, they're not in the order I would expect. From west to east, the four concourses have gates: A15-A30, A1-A14, B1-B14, and B15-B22, so spreading from the middle instead of in numerical order from west to east or east to west. There are travelators between all of the concourses which make hurrying through the airport fairly easy. Good luck!
Thanks, that is useful to know! I can imagine myself making that misttake while I'm sprinting through the terminal.

Originally Posted by aztimm View Post
A few things I can think of about this:

* 25 minutes is extremely tight for PHX. I lived there for 20 years and flew in/out many times. It is not unusual to land early then have to wait for a gate. The last few times I've been to/through PHX, that's happened more often than not. As noted, the distance between High A and High B is not small. I suggest you look through this thread: AA Guide: PHX / Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - MCT, Connection, etc.

* Along with SFO, there are also flights to OAK and SJC from PHX. If you want to be in the Bay Area, and your incoming flight is late, I'd look into flying to either of those. OAK is far easier, you can just hop on BART (some argue it is easier than SFO). SJC requires a bus to the train, but I've done it rather than wait on a severely delayed flight.

* Have you looked at other options than AA? Other airlines (WN, UA, many do LAX-SFO). Have you looked into non-flight options? There is luxury bus service, you can rent a car, etc. It can be a beautiful drive (I've driven the PCH), or you can take the faster route. By the time you deal with airport security, transfer at PHX, etc., it might be a wash or even faster on time to travel over land.
I've had a good read of that thread and I think I'm across most of it. I think ground delays at either end are the most likely way I'll miss the connection.

I did have a good look at other options (although forgot to check SJC) but my timings on this itinerary actually work pretty well for my plans at either end. Cash fares on any airlines with similar departure times were astronomical, and I have more Qantas points than I know what to do with, so to me this flight cost close to nothing. I've done parts of the PCH before, and would love to do more of it if I had a little more time!!
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Originally Posted by rfarlz View Post
This is my experience, my understanding is that once it's day of departure the operating carrier has all the responsibility.
I didn't challenge that on the day of dept. it is the responsibility of the operating carrier to rebook - just passing on the observation that regardless of this duty, when dealing with award tickets issued on other ticket stock many carriers will nevertheless try to pass on the bucket to the ticket issuer by asking pax to contact the FFP/issuing carrier for rebooking and reissue of ticket. One needs to stand firm in this situation and insist the operating carrier to resolve it, however, many pax are likely to do as told by the agent (and only realising the mistake once they call the FFP/ticket issuer and finds out that they can not rebook unless award availability exists)
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