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JPat Jan 7, 19 1:55 pm

The Fed shutdown and TSA lines. What’s your experience?
News story are popping up about delays getting thru airport security. A Seattle area News Media site quoted one unnamed source to plan on arriving five hours early!
If that is the situation this week our idea is to cancel our trip this Friday out of SEA.
What’s been your recent experience around Alaska Airlines network?
Please note your experiences here.
Thanks in advance,

DaveH Jan 7, 19 1:59 pm

Was just going to post the same question. Also wondering if having TSA-PRE should help much, given checkpoint 5 being all PRE for the last several months...

The owner of our favorite parking lot at SEA tells me she's not getting any negative feedback from guests, attributing that to the slow season,

I have Wednesday MR that I'd cancel if the wait were unusually long.

brownnet Jan 7, 19 2:02 pm

It appears they have made changes to "help" things again... Saturday morning Checkpoint 5 had reverted to a regular entry, and PreCheck was ONLY at 1 and 4. Checkpoint 4 was pretty slow. The staffing was average, but only two lanes were open. This was about 9AM.

I don't know if the Checkpoint 5 change is permanent or was only on the weekend, but I was surprised to see it.

T2A Jan 7, 19 2:06 pm

No TSA issues at all from what I've experienced. Flew right before New Years and the lines were long but moving fast. I have three flights out SeaTac this week and will post back if anything changes.

Xrayman Jan 7, 19 2:11 pm

No issues at SeaTac today 1/7/19 at 10:00 am st TSA precheck C/D gates.

crjtraveler Jan 7, 19 2:11 pm

I flew yesterday (Sunday) afternoon from SEA and the only lines I experienced we're at the Alaska Check-In desks. TSA pre check was empty and maybe 15 people queued in the non precheck line. I think as of right now the wait time issue is overhyped.

nearlysober Jan 7, 19 2:17 pm

Heading to Vegas this weekend so I've been keeping an eye on things.
Right now, it's hard to tell if there's a real story here or if its just being sensationalized because it makes for "good news".

I've read multiple times over the last few days that "sick" rate of TSA agents nearly doubled... but I haven't seen any year-over-year comparison. Is that normal this time of year? Kids are out of school, buses and public transport might be running holiday schedules, its cold & flu season, you may have relatives visiting and sneak in a sick day to hang out, or you may have celebrated the holidays a bit too hard?

Maybe a sick spike is normal at the end of December and start of January?

I also am sure there's at least a couple folks who are upset with the situation and calling in sick as a sort of passive protest. And the longer it goes on the more likely people will get fed up and refuse to work, or slow down work, or just walk off the job. But for now, I recall reading that the TSA Union has no coordinated "sick out" or "slow down" protest going.

I'll just plan to get to the airport much earlier than normal and if I get through security quick, that's just more time to drink at the lounge :)

PaperGlider Jan 7, 19 3:26 pm

Some standardization would help

Time of day:
Approximate wait time for TSA id check/length of line:
TSA, Priority, Pre?:

I'll report later today.

icelandman2 Jan 7, 19 4:50 pm

Yesterday at SEA 12:30PM Precheck line was less than 5 minutes. Regular looked to be about 15.

StevieTopSiders Jan 7, 19 6:13 pm


Airport: SEA
Terminal: Main
Time of day: 9AM
Approximate wait time for TSA id check/length of line: 2min
TSA, Priority, Pre?: Precheck


Airport: ORD
Terminal: 3
Time of day: 5:30PM
Approximate wait time for TSA id check/length of line: 0min (encouraged to use 2/3 empty x-ray lines)
TSA, Priority, Pre?: Pre

hsawtelle Jan 7, 19 6:38 pm

Monday 1/7/19

Airport: LAS
Terminal: 3
Time of day: 9:00am
Approximate wait time for TSA id check/length of line: <1 minute, < 5 people in line
TSA, Priority, Pre?: Pre

spamman808 Jan 7, 19 6:52 pm

Flew SEA-OGG on Sunday with my wife. TSA precheck line was fine. It took us less time to get through that than it took to check in with AS at the elite counter.

BW Flyer Jan 7, 19 7:38 pm

Monday 1/7/19, Seatac, 5:20 AM, Pre-check (check point #1 Cruise ship check point??), Wait time for less than 5 min. It was early so it might help.

PaperGlider Jan 7, 19 8:00 pm

Terminal 6
No Line. 0 minutes
Pre was walk right up and regular did not have any noticeable lines.

marysia Jan 7, 19 9:00 pm

Airport: DEN
Terminal: C
Time of day: 1/6/19 18:00
Approximate wait time for TSA id check/length of line: 3 minutes
TSA, Priority, Pre?: TSA pre-check

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