UA ticket NZ operated

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UA ticket NZ operated

When flying from New Zealand to the states on a UA ticket but NZ metal, do the SP earned count towards Elite qualification for the portion that need to be earned on NZ flights? Also to calculate SP earn, for example AKL - IAH, do you use the booking class from the UA ticket and input into the calculator under Air New Zealand flights, as their is no option for AKL - IAH on the partner tab. Or will the booking class be different?
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You will earn APD/SP at the Air NZ rate which therefore counts towards your Elite qualification/requalification. You'll probably need to contact NZ to see what booking class the UA booking class maps to. That will then determine your APD/SP earn rate.
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This happened to me. UA booked but flying J NZ metal. Well I was I'm their budget economy fare class. At first when I rang Air NZ they told me that I would only earn what UA had put me down as. So I earned about 30 sp. I complained about it on here months later, and people told me to fight it. Rang up Air NZ and they told me it was a mistake and actually, regardless of UAs fare class, I should have been credited with J SP earn. And so I went from earning 30 SP to 300 SP.

So yes, you will need to check so that you can ensure you get the SP that you are owed, and yes its Air NZ metal so counts towards elite.
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Yeah, watch out for Polaris which UA calls booking class P. On NZ, P is "Deep Discount Economy" (Grabaseat) so you will get screwed unless you contact them.
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thanks for this post. I wonder about the same thing.
I am needing a booking to IAD and find a lot more combinations on UA's website compared to NZ's.
Not sure if the earn rates would be the same if I book on UA's ticket, travelling on either UA or NZ metal.

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