missed connection compensation root cause

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missed connection compensation root cause

Hi FT members. I have a question to which I cannot find the answer, so I'm hoping one of you can help me out.

The situation:
I missed a connecting flight in Paris, because my flight from Lisbon was delayed. Because I couldn't get to my destination that evening I was delayed by more than 10 hours. I assumed I was eligible for compensation under ec261, since the delay was not caused by weather problems. Instead boarding took longer than planned, at the planned departure time people were still boarding (that aircraft was at the gate in time).

Altough the desk agent in Paris had another reason why my flight was delayed, I believe it would still make me eligible for compensation. She told me that my flight was delayed for two reasons, the first being that there was to much carry-on luggage and that it took a long time to load this on the plane. The second reason was that due to this initial delay we were held back by air traffic control for departure, thus increasing the delay. She got this information all from her computer, so either she made things up, or this was in their system.

When I contaced Air France-KLM about this, they said I was not elligible, because the delay was caused by air traffic control, which is an extraordinary circumstance.

I disagree with this statement, since I believe this delay by atc was a result of an earlier delay that was not an extraordinary circumstance. Therefore the delay was preventable by the airline. Is this a correct reasoning or is Air France-KLM correct and am I not elligible for compensation?

As a side note, I just want to mention that the service in CDG was very good! In 15 min I was rebooked on another flight and I had a hotel with dinner and breakfast.

Thank you all for any insights!
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