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EvanMc Jul 24, 01 10:51 pm

Hmm...only one of these I can remember was when I nearly ran [physically] into Jacques Parizeau in the baggage claim at Dorval last autumn. He was waiting right in front of the exit from the domestic concourse. A rather charming young blonde woman, I suppose either his daughter or his mistress, ran out behind me and just about jumped into his arms. I appeared to be the only one there to notice him. I suppose everyone else was too embarassed that he was still alive.

Ferrari Jul 25, 01 12:06 am

Have i lost the plot here, but i thought the thread was regarding celebrities....

Since when does a politician count as a celebrity......

I have worked it out....most of them are more amusing, better at drama and most live in a fantasy world.!!

AlmostThere Jul 25, 01 7:21 am

Politicians are people too

I have seen Carl Brewer(Hockey) in the MLL and did talk to Toller Cranston(Figure Skating) before boarding a FRA-YYZ flight

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@com Jul 25, 01 3:40 pm

Well by far the most sightings are the CAN-US flights:
>Bill Pullman YVR-LAX, curled up in the fetal position trying to sleep. When we landed, it looked like someone had unfurled him from the overhead bin, crinkled, deshevelled and sleepy looking!
>Tie Domi - YYZ-LGA, the day after he nearly killed a guy with his hockey stick, he wasn't happy! :-) but the flight attendant sure didn't notice. It's a wonder she didn't get impregnated by him she was so cozy!
>CEO of Bell Canada (he was grumpy too)- LGA-YYZ
>Rex Murphy (CBC Television commentator) YYZ-YVR- he was wearing a circa 1954 outfit, completely brown from head to toe. wierrrd
...and many more that I have no idea who they are, but acted like they were ALL IMPORTANT and so I SHOULD have known who they are, because they ARE someone, to themselves anyways...Oh, how I love to mock...

sing-along Jul 25, 01 5:02 pm

On a flight to MEX I sat beside Rebbeca Jones. I had never heard of her but when I arrived at my client site, in MEX, and told them that I sat beside Rebbeca Jones they asked if I got her autograph and then spent the next 45 minutes answering questions on what she was like. Apparently a well know actress in MEX.

I'm not sure when, but back then, she was telling me that she was going to start a movie shoot with Pierce Brosnan.

AC*SE: re #13, the actress from Street Legal, was that Cynthia Dale and not Jennifer Dale? I tried looking for some of my past issues of Frank that talked about her and her boyfriend to try to confirm her name but could not find any. I believe that her boyfriend use to work for CP in YYQ.


Flyaway Jul 25, 01 5:36 pm

Donovan Bailey. Hmmmm

CPwingwalker Jul 25, 01 7:41 pm

Last fall was on a LHR-YOW flight with Her Excellency Madame Clarkson. Was late off a connecting Aer Lingus flight from Dublin and the AC T1 flight connection centre staff hustled me down to the tarmac and into a waiting car. Was whisked literally under the planes over to the waiting 767-300 (CP metal then). Just as we got out a mini van pulled up and out came Her Excellency, an EA and one security type. We all walked up the jetway stairs together and boarded. She is most personable (she is journalist after all) and we settled into the 3/4 full J cabin. Guess folks thought I was part of her entourage.

Others will correct me but I believe as our Head of State was on board we received preferential treatment by air traffic control. We taxied DIRECTLY out to the runway and took off ... bybassing many waiting aircraft. Our flight time was 20 mins shorter due to a southerly assignment of the Atlantic air corridor (pilot told me yes we did get the "best" routing).

Funny note: as H.E. had just the day before presented HRM The Queen Mother with her honorary Order of Canada, the CBC news shown on board featured a short clip of the ceremony. H.E. (with headset on) turned to her EA and in a loud voice said "my that looked pretty good didn't it?" everyone in J laughed!

Huge crowd of Rideau Hall types were on the jetbridge to greet H.E. but she did actually pass through Customs (escorted by what looked like the chief Customs pooh bah at YOW) like the rest of us!

Old Flyer Jul 25, 01 8:28 pm

H.E. was here in Sechelt last August when hubby gave the Bruce Hutchison lecture on Canada at our annual Festival of the Written Arts. (As has been noted elsewhere here his views, in this case on education, are distinctly left.) However, what really struck me was the low level of security; just one RCMP corporal at the back of the hall, and everyone in town knew they were coming and where they planned to stay with friends. Small town!

Shareholder Jul 25, 01 8:39 pm

Cynthia Dale is married to Peter Mansbridge, while sister Jennifer is married to film producer/mogul Robert Lantos.

exAC Jul 26, 01 12:31 am

finger trouble

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exAC Jul 26, 01 12:33 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by @com:
and many more that I have no idea who they are, but acted like they were ALL IMPORTANT and so I SHOULD have known who they are, because they ARE someone, to themselves anyways</font>
Back in the days when I worked at the airport. I had a lot of people who didn't know who THEY least that is what I thought they meant when they shouted "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM"

MapleLeaf Jul 26, 01 4:44 am

If HE Adrian Clarkson was on board, you will get priority takeoff and landing. Same for any head of state. It is both a courtesy and a security issue.

As for Customs, HE does not clear customs. As a courtesy she might walk through it, but she does not have to stop and declare as she would be declaring items she purchased to the crown, which in Canada is her.

AC*SE Jul 26, 01 9:40 am

Maple Leaf, the Governor-General most certainly does clear Customs. So does the Queen.

Neither the Queen, nor the Governor-General is exempt from duty on goods that she is importing personally. The Governor-General's official purchases are zero-rated for GST purposes, but still must be declared as such.

Ken hAAmer Jul 26, 01 12:50 pm

Yeah, but if the agent gave her any flack, couldn't she just, like, you know -- "Off with his head!"

Say Empress, that give me an idea.

makin'miles Jul 28, 01 1:45 pm

On the Friday of the May long weekend, Joe Clark and his press secretary (the one who had the laptop stolen) strolled by me at YWG. I have been in the MLL lounge with Neil MacDonald (of CBC fame) and have spotted Maury Povich (yes, Maury Povich) on the concourse at YYZ.

The highlight of my celeb spottings, however, would have to be Mr. Eric Clapton in an elevator at a London hotel.

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