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kurshin May 1, 02 6:09 am

Last year,I was leaving YYZ bound for YOW,the flight was delayed about 30 minutes because the RCMP came on and did a sweep.
Then the Governor General:Adrien Clarkson,
Mrs Chretien,And the US ambassador's wife;Patti Giffin came aboard. The GG sat i Opposite to me and the others sat behind me but there were 5 RCMP officers but only 1 sat in J.
the GG was very sociable,she spoke to everyone while the others didn't talk to anyone except themselves

Also being in YOW I see many MPS&MINISTERS aboard the flights.BUT I wouldn't classify them as Celebrities...maybe


airportstu1 May 1, 02 1:01 pm

Dan Ackroyd was on Air Canada 292 from LAS to YYZ last week. He seems to be a really low
key guy.

ProudEdmontonian May 1, 02 1:12 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Shareholder:
Flew back from YEG to YYZ on Sunday night, having won the lotto -- and even had an empty seat next to me. In the front with me were MPs Peter Goldring and Sec of State for Asia and the Pacific, David Kilgour. I noticed as Kilgour checked in at the gate, he handed over an upgrade certificate! Trust this will quiet some of you who think MPs are ripping us off by flying up front paying full J. </font>
Nope. It was a Sunday and presumably they were visiting home in YEG and could have booked this trip with a Saturday stay well enough in advance and thus get a fare to which a UC would not apply!

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exAC May 1, 02 7:39 pm

Kilgour doesn't live in Edmonton.

makin'miles May 1, 02 9:48 pm

Let's not discuss MPs in J class again. Please.

jkgs May 2, 02 6:08 am

Flew from YHZ-EWR recently on the same flight as Jane Leeves (Daphne from 'Frasier').

ProudEdmontonian May 2, 02 8:14 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by exAC:
Kilgour doesn't live in Edmonton.</font>
Nice try since he allegedly represents a riding in Edmonton.

exAC May 5, 02 5:07 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by PunishedEdmontonian:
Nice try since he allegedly represents a riding in Edmonton.</font>
Represents the riding but hasn't lived there for years. I believe he lives in Gatineau.

Globe Man May 5, 02 6:53 pm

"Former Prime Minister" Joe Clark on a short flt from YEG-YYC. OK, so most wouldn't consider Joe a "celebrity" ...

Also met Betty Fox (Terry's mom). What a nice lady!

Vaab Jul 8, 02 1:37 pm

Not a Canadian celebrity, but on AC 863 LHR-YYZ last night, Dolph Lundgren. Very smart guy (Masters in Chemical Engineering, Fulbright scholarship to MIT). Also, very personable and friendly to everyone up front. Not as bulked up as he was in Rocky IV (then again, he didn't take his shirt off...) - looked pretty trim - but very tall and broad shouldered.

billyeggs Jul 8, 02 2:07 pm

I sat accross from Don Cherry and Ron McLean on a flight YHZ-YYZ. I was continuing on to YGK and made sure I got Don (and Ron) to sign my Kingston boarding pass!

In terms of a previous post, I see Dan Ackroyd in Kingston once in a while(He lives in the area), he drives a blacked out Ford Excursion, usually driving with his windows down, rock and roll blaring. Super nice guy, we always wave at him, he usually waves back.

And finally, the greatest sighting I have had, in the Empress lounge in T3 a few years ago: Heidi Klum. I approached her, and completely froze up when she looked up at me. Absolutely goregous, and very friendly. Signed an autograph for me (used her gold pen!), said "here you go cutie" and proceeded to move into a more remote corner of the lounge, with the large man she was travelling with, presumably to avoid more gawkers like me.

Szut Jul 8, 02 5:04 pm

I saw T.R.H. Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, on a flight from YVR to YOW, last April. Actually I had just met with her the week before, but we couldn't talk as she was in J class and I in cattle class. ;-)

MapleLeaf Jul 8, 02 6:50 pm

I have been blessed with running into Academic from these very same boards - he is Dean of Something at Western (yes I know it is second rate compared to Waterloo, but is still is worth a mention)

FlyerAl Jul 8, 02 7:31 pm

MapleLeaf, I just noticed that you are now based in YYZ/BUF. We'll have to meet up sometime!

Shareholder Jul 8, 02 8:03 pm

On my flight over to LHR on AC in mid-May to attend a documentary film festival, I sat next to film director Atom Egoyan who was on his way to Cannes to premiere his latest feature. He slept most of the way, but we chatted film biz stuff during our unscheduled stop at YYT, and on our walk to the transit buses.

As posted in the BA forum, on my Concorde flight from LHR last month, Michael Jackson was buried under his blanket three rows behind me for virtually the whole flight, while Barbara Walters was working away two rows in front. The back cabin was almost empty save the two celebs and about seven others of us ordinary folk, plus our two "galley slaves", as the FAs liked to refer to themselves.

Heading over, I had Sir Peter Hall, the theatre dramaturge sitting behind me. It was one of those wonderful moments of serendipity when I was reading a pile of newspaper clippings I had collected over the past couple of weeks to read on the flight, and one of the articles was a feature interview with him from the FINANCIAL TIMES. Of special interest to Andrew Webber, Sir Peter carries his BOSE noise reducing headphones with him when he flies...

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