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CoachClass Jul 24, 01 12:58 pm

Mel Gibson last year.

(Oops, my bad spelling corrected!)

YYZ Jul 24, 01 1:22 pm

Scott Reeves (Ryan from Young & the Restless). Didn't talk... he was in Y and I was sitting in J. LAX to YYZ route.

Goldlust Jul 24, 01 2:24 pm

If you will forgive my ignorance but:

a) My knowledge of the famous people of your great country is sadly still limited.
b) I do not really have very much knowledge with regards to celebrities (would rather be one than knowing of those who are).

Therefore, who is:
[list=1][*]Jean Charest?[*]Clyde Wells?[*]Herb Grey?[*]John Manley?[*]Rob Lowe (is that an actor?)?[*]Stockwell Day?[*]Liona Boyd?[*]David Cronenberg?[*]Anne McLellan?[*]Randy White?[*]Jason Kenney?[*]Alan Rock?[*]Jennifer Dale?[*]Peter Gsowski?[*]Eric Petersen?[*]Brian Mulroney?[/list=a]

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FlyerAl Jul 24, 01 2:34 pm

Stockwell Day - leader of the Canadian Alliance Party - is Canada's Leader of the Official Opposition. In our parlimentary system, the political party that wins the second largest number of seats gets to form the Official Opposition.

I had the pleasure of meeting him and Mrs. Day at a Canadian Alliance rally in November. (Unfortunately it didn't take place on board an Air Canada flight )

NoahVail: everyone's vote counts in a democracy Therefore I'm nominating him as Canada's celebrity of the year. Thanks to 13 horrible cowboy Alliance MPs (who should be expelled IMO), Stockwell Day is now "the Prime Minister who could've been" as opposed to "Future Prime Minister".

Academic Jul 24, 01 2:52 pm

Although I'm no fan of Chretien or the whole Liberal government, the prospect of Stockwell Day as PM (however remote), chills my soul. Although, I'm sure that he George W have a lot in common.

FlyerAl Jul 24, 01 3:04 pm

I'm a huge fan of George W!

AC*SE Jul 24, 01 3:56 pm


1. Leader of the Opposition of the Province of Québec. Former Minister of State for Youth under Brian Mulroney (infra)
2. Chief Justice of Newfoundland and Labrador. Former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.
3. Deputy Prime Minister of Canada
4. Minister of Foreign Affairs
5. American. Doesn't count. :p
6. Leader of the Opposition.
7. Classical Guitarist. Once romantically linked with Pierre Trudeau.
8. Director of films, including Crash and Naked Lunch.
9. Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Canada
10. Member of Parliament for Langley-Abbotsford
11. Member of Parliament for Calgary Southeast
12. Minister of Health
13. Stage and television actress. Best known for Street Legal
14. Radio personality and all around raconteur
15. Stage and television actor. Best known for Street Legal
16. Prime Minister of Canada, 1984-1993

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Whitey Jul 24, 01 4:16 pm

YYC-YOW last year was surprised to see Deb Grey seated next to me in J. Well, despite being an ultra-left commie myself, she was just great to talk to and I really enjoyed the conversation. A really nice person and one of the few politicians I have ever met who definitely falls into the "what you see is what you get" category.

Also had the misfortune of seeing the leader of the NDP in the MLL in YOW. She dropped her mobile and the retreaval was rather un-ladylike...reminded me of a movie I once saw...

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Ken hAAmer Jul 24, 01 4:30 pm

I always though Stockwell (Doris) Day was a spoof of Alfred E. Neuman.

Ferrari Jul 24, 01 4:30 pm

The one that stands out in my mind over and over and over.....

I sat next to , Erika Eleniak the orginal bay watch babe!!!

Shes was wonderful!!!!

I wonder what she thought of me !!

Shareholder Jul 24, 01 4:50 pm

Since both Deb Gray and Stock Day -- no rhymning was intended when I wrote that -- have been my polling clients, I appreciate Whitey's thoughts about her. She is just that. The only time I met my other client was in the MLL at Dorval. I was headed to London to do a week of filming on a Royal Navy battle ship -- my other career -- and he was on the leadership campaign trail. We had a month earlier delivered a private poll to Jason Kenny [Empress happened to sit next to him on a flight while we were doing that one, and somehow mentioned my name and was amazed to find out that Kenny actually knew me], but I only knew Day from his provincial persona. Given he is a tea totler, it was not an auspcious meeting. I was heading to the draft tap to refill my empty mug of beer when he rounded the corner. Still sober, I think, I introduced myself and we had a quick, pleasant chat before Kenny and Day's son, Logan -- who I have know for several years -- hustled their man off to more important meetings. [I often wondered if that was the reason we never got the Alliance account, me with a beer mug clutched in my hand.]

And yes, Rob Lowe, is an American actor. He now plays Sam Seaborn, young hotshot NYC investement lawyer who gave up a promising career to work in the White House. We also talked about his earlier career in some wonderful John Hughes teen angst films, before he did the horrendous "Home Alone" series.

MapleLeaf Jul 24, 01 6:49 pm

I have sat next to Preston Manning, Lloyd Axworthy and 2 rows back from Ray Liota. The best was Mike Duffy on a flight from YQB-YOW on a small turboprop. Can't remember the aircraft, it is 1-2 configuration, smaller than a Dash8.

Shareholder Jul 24, 01 7:17 pm

I'm amazed that a plane even smaller than a Dash8 was able to get off the ground with Mike Duffy on board. Then again, he is so full of hot air that it is more amazing you were able to land! Do you know he sued FRANK Magazine, accusing them of ruining his likelihood of being appointed a Senator from PEI?

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Whitey Jul 24, 01 7:30 pm


Old Flyer Jul 24, 01 10:51 pm

This probably doesn't count because, as the PM said, back benchers are nobodies. A few years ago I was booked in J YVR to PEK where I was working on a UN project. Two days before departure, CAIL phoned and asked if I still planned to go and I replied "Yes". The reason for the call was apparent on the aircraft; there was a large delegation of MP's, most of whom were in economy. I was surprised that I wasn't bumped.

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