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Airbus330 Nov 25, 02 12:34 pm

I see CBC/CTV newsies all the time in the MLL or on domestic flights.

parnel Nov 25, 02 2:06 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Airbus330:
I see CBC/CTV newsies all the time in the MLL or on domestic flights.</font>
when you see those guys in the lounge they are usually elbowing you out of the way at the bar.

Bytepusher Nov 25, 02 3:42 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by parnel:
when you see those guys in the lounge they are usually elbowing you out of the way at the bar.</font>
I practically came to blows with Michael McWhatshisface, the guy who broke the Somalia story, over a taxi at YTZ a couple years ago, on this occassion cabs were in short supply, I reached a cab from the driver's side, following 'protocol', opened the back door then went around the back to put my bags in the trunk, Mr. CBC appears a second before from the passenger side and starts loading his bags into the trunk, the Taxi driver (understandably, I guess) wasn't willing to take sides. After a few choice words I gave up.

InTheAirGuy Nov 29, 02 12:55 pm

Flew YVR-LAX some weeks back, in J ; in seats in front of me was Chad Krueger, he of Nickelback fame, and his uber-babe

ALW Nov 29, 02 3:37 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">I began to think, it must be almost 20 years ago he was elected premier.</font>


shuuy Aug 12, 04 9:51 am

The Hon. Ralph Klein at Frank Sisson's Silver Dollar Casino two weeks ago.

And I think Mr. Harper is slurping an Orange Julius in the YYC MLL. I'm going to go check it out right now...(he brought food in to the lounge!!) [ walks to 'check on flight' ] (Yup, sitting all the way in the back). (How cheeky do I want to be to take his photo without him knowing..)

UPDATE: Yes, I did. Although it was of him working (shrug).

And, I would consider the biggest celebrity of them all is in the MLL working diligently: The Big Rock rep replacing the keg of Traditional. ;)

Cap'n Dan Aug 12, 04 10:01 am

Heh, I saw Mike Keenan at the MLL in YYZ T2 a few years back. He had his hair slicked back, loafers with no socks, and a gold ankle bracelet. Here's to hoping he was off to LAS...

Also bumped into Jeff Goldblum at LAX in May. Literally. I bent down to get my bag off the belt and hit him with my arm on the way up....whoops!

yyznomad Aug 12, 04 4:47 pm

didn't know this thread existed until it got bumped today!

Avril Lavigne outside of arrivals level YYZ T2 early on this year. She was standing with some of her cohorts and an AC agent with a walkie talkie waiting for someone to pick them up.

Mike Harris in the T1New MLL @ 9:15am on Tuesday, August 3 sitting by the windows on the other side of the wall-barrier by the elevators.

Oscar Peterson's other three band members on a YOW-YYZ flight back in June sat with/near me in J.

airbus320 Aug 12, 04 4:54 pm

In the past month: Macaulay Culkin in the YUL MLL and John Crosby in the YYZ MLL,

xray Aug 12, 04 6:11 pm

The late Izzy Asper....flew economy YWG-YVR...i couldn't believe he wasn't in J...(I guess that's how he became rich) but of course, he selected the National Post as his paper of choice to read aboard...

Paul Martin and entourage during leadership race on Zip he had to sit in economy like everyone else on the plane...American guy next to me on the plane was amazed that the next prime minister (at that time) was sitting amongst the masses...

Marc Crawford, Vancouver Canucks coach SFO-YYZ in J when he was unemployed and doing broadcasting...

Academic Aug 12, 04 6:38 pm

The late Izzy Asper....flew economy YWG-YVR.

Given his condition, J class seat on the new 345s might have been more appropriate. :D

xray Aug 12, 04 7:04 pm

Originally Posted by Academic
Given his condition, J class seat on the new 345s might have been more appropriate. :D

I think it's bad luck to make fun of the departed !!! :p

Originally Posted by MapleLeaf
I have been blessed with running into Academic from these very same boards - he is Dean of Something at Western (yes I know it is second rate compared to Waterloo, but is still is worth a mention)

And he has a good sense of humour too !!! GO STANGS ! Western is my alma mater (undergrad and MD)....

taupo Aug 12, 04 8:37 pm

A number of years ago, David Duchnovy of X Files fame, we were in 1AC, he 1 F, on a CP 737 LAX-YVR. Flying alone. My g/f of the day was riveted by him.

ypqRD Aug 13, 04 4:34 am

I go to a lot of conferences, press launches and so on and get all kids of Tshirts, mice, pens and so forth. We like to say "it's not the swag, it's the story." For example one friend of mine has a thumb drive (mini USB hard drive for your key chain ) and whenever it comes out of his pocket he says "Bill Gates gave me this".

Well when I flew to Spain on Air Canada business class, I got the little toiletries kit (the blue zippered bag with the white mesh compartment,) and it's very nice. In fact I use it for all my little bits and pieces of wires and cables for my laptop to this day. My mother was impressed by it and the next time she flew transatlantic business class, she got one too and uses it for her laptop bits and pieces. But those around her, who flew up front more often, already probably had more of these than they could use, and left them behind when they got off. So she grabbed one from the seat across the aisle. She had been really restrained all flight and not bothered him at all, but now for the rest of her days when she gets out her digital camera with its cable and charger she can say...

oh this? This is Joe Clark's toiletries kit.

greywolf Dec 30, 04 8:02 am

Brian Mulroney, MLL, earlier this year (2004).
Dan Ackroyd, J-class, flight from Delhi, late Dec this year.

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