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Originally Posted by acysb87 View Post
I was travelling LAS/YUL/YYZ/YSB on Sunday.
We left LAS late due to late arrival of a/c from Calgary because of weather issues there.

Knew I would be tight on cnx flight to YYZ.I was on latitude fare and had confirmed J seats on segments where J was available.Arrived YUL at 7:30pm for a 8pm cnx flight.Quickly through customs ,no one there,and through Nexus domestic security.Arrived at gate within 15 minutes ,7:45pm to be told that I had been removed from flight and that my confirmed J seat was given away and J cabin full.Discussions with gate agent had me re-booked on flight as scheduled.

Observations. No notice that I had been taken off flight.No concierge(s) to meet flight and make me(another SE was also connecting to YYZ on flight) aware of situation and offer possible altrnatives /or help making a tight cnx.(as noted no one at customs so IMO there should/could have been some monitoring of flights).

Most interesting observation.On entering a/c ,there were F/As in uniform sitting in the seats that had been issued to the 2 connecting SEs

FYI.I had to be re-issued boarding pass for cnx YYZ/YSB flight as well.I know my way around these issues.I can only imagine.
whenever i see that happen, I always put an inbox for the concierge in question, they always get it and are able to help out in a jam.

They are there to help, you still need to be a bit proactive though...
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Originally Posted by IluvSQ View Post
And so on. They are like insurance - most of the time you don't need them,
but when you do you are very happy they are there for you.
+1... You don't realize how important they are until the poo hits the fan
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Originally Posted by acysb87 View Post
No notice that I had been taken off flight.

IMO there should/could have been some monitoring of flights
The real question to ask is who made the decision to take you off the flight.

Since many SE posters here find the concierge to be very helpful, I suggest that in circumstances such as these, you take advantage of cell phone use right after landing, and call the concierge to deal with the situation, because if you are arriving late and on a tight connection, the decision to take you off the connection has likely already been made (ie, there was monitoring of flights).
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Originally Posted by The Lev View Post

I rarely use the concierges, but have found them fairly helpful the once or twice a year when I've contacted them.
Yah the real value in SE is improvement in aerolotto, Concierge is for people who need to feel special.
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Originally Posted by why fly View Post
Concierge is for people who need to feel special.
Call us needy. I'm ok with that!
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Congratulations to the OP. ^
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Congrats -- I've found the IKK and 7-day window to be the most useful... I've been able to upgrade on almost all routes by calling at the right time, and checking seats/flights with KVS.

I've only used the concierge once, and it was very disappointing. The plane was late, and we had a tight connection, so I talked to the FAs to have the concierge help us out through Canadian customs (it's a huge walk in YYZ to get to the international terminal -- we were connecting from the US to an international flight).

Basically we had to "wait" for someone to come help (while everyone was else deplaning), and the person that did come told us "oh yeah, sorry, nothing we can do".... so by the time we got to customs, instead of being first in line (we were first out of the plane, since we were flying in J/Z), there were 50 people ahead -- thankfully this was the expedited International customs so made the connection at the last minute.

So I was very disappointed.

Also, if you upgrade (which as an E, you'll still do a lot), you get access to a concierge since you'll be on a J/Z fare.

This year I'll only hit 90K and I don't see the benefit of having to ruin Holiday travel to hit 100K just for what will probably be an even more gimped SE offering. I'll probably only miss having first choice of food, although I go with the non-popular options anyway.

But anyways, welcome, and I hope you enjoy your SE perks -- upgrading on a busy flight and getting that only steak is sure nice sometimes!
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