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Originally Posted by videomaker View Post
TSA'ers at the same checkpoint don't even know the rules.

The x-ray operator at MSY this morning stopped on my bag and made me take out a digital still camera (don't see that on the list.) Then, she ran re-ran the bag through with a GPS, iPod, portable hard drive, camera strobe and power supplies inside.

In another line, I hear a TSA'er screaming that everything electronic has to be taken out for screening.
This is one of the msot disgusting aspects of the new policy... and if you try to argue with a TSO or even a supe, I will almost guarantee you will get one of:
  • "You don't know the policy."
  • "The policy has changed."
  • "It's my discretion what has to come out and what doesn't."
  • "Do you want to fly today?"

I have gotten the first two of those very frequently when arguing some bit of policy. I used to point out the 1" shoe rule when ordered to remove 1/2" sandals, and was always told that the "policy had changed" or that I "didn't know" the policy--even when some moat dragons refused to allow me to go through the WTMD with them on (not even with a secondary!), with one raising the "Do you want to fly today?" issue.

Supes almost always back the TSO, regardless of the real policy. And if you try to complain to the TSA, you get a form letter back, often which has nothing to do with the issue you submitted. No accountability, and SSI and "consistent inconsistency to keep the terrorists on their toes" to hide behind.
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