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Curry Udon (カレーうどん)

When LapLap started this topic one year ago who would thought we will be still doing this a year later.

Now, I made curry udon this time, my favorite dish! I know this is not a fancy dish by any stretch of imagination but I will never say no to curry udon. Curry udon is so easy to make especially if you have left over Japanese curry. First, the ingredient:

Japanese curry (reference post #58 of this tread )
Soba/udon soup
Thick udon (my preference)
Long onion/scallion (for garnish)

Soup for curry udon is so simple. Make soba/udon soup as a direction on soup base or soup concentrate, then mix Japanese curry and soba/udon soup 50:50. That is it, simply heat the content.

Cook udon noodle, follow the direction on the package.

All cooking is done. In a bowl place soup, noodle, and long onion/scallion for garnish.

Again, this is my personal favorite. Also, it is my personal preference to use thick udon noodle, not soba noodle which is thinner noodle. I personally think thick noodle go so well with curry soup. Personally curry udon over curry soba, thick Sanuki type udon noodle over thin Inaniwa type udon noodle.

Last year I was at Shinjuku station heading to my afternoon appointment. It was a good time to grab lunch and had an urge for curry udon. There is stand up soba shop at JR Shinjuku station at South entrance, Lumine side, which this soba stand is there at that location as long as I can remember, I think the shop is there from '70s and before, Wen up there and I found out ownership change and name of the soba shop changed, and now they only serve soba noodle, no udon noodle. How can I have curry soba!? Could not believe they no longer doing udon and could not have curry udon! I was so disappointed.

I know, this is my personal preference. There are people who will rave curry soba.
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