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Our travel day was due to have 3 flights, it was taken down to 2 for the period, then to one flight only on our travel day. I was not talking about QSuites or not but about the sheer number of flights which forced us to a very inconvenient rerouting.
When did they have 3 passenger flights on the HKG-DOH route

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Quite interested about the loading of those 2 flights before the virus indeed...

Also I am wonder if it is the cargo demand that still support 2 daily passenger flights for now?
So far on most days they have 2 daily flights loaded and did operate them. On February 17 QR818 was cancelled and on February 20 it is not bookable anymore. Since they have made aircraft changes, it seems as they are planning to operate 2 per day, but cut one on a short notice if loads get too low...

On a recent HKG-DOH I counted about 30 passengers. I returned yesterday on QR816, which was the only flight per day. I noticed a passenger in front of me had sequence number 70ish, on board at least a few passengers in every row, so probably ~100 passengers on the entire flight.

Maybe the loads are recovering a bit...
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