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Originally Posted by Sopwith View Post
I obviously have some of those, but few if any have my passport/Nexus info. It just seems risky, if not plain dumb to store that info on an AC (or any) app.
OK, so why is that any different than sharing your phone number, credit card, address, birth date, email address, answers to "security" questions, etc. With the websites, apps, or companies that I mentioned in my original list? Frankly why should I care if anybody knows my KTN? I would be a lot more concerned about my credit card data than my KTN. KTN only helps somebody that is booking travel as me, with the associated other data and biometrics. (Not likely.) I am genuinely curious if you know of some risk here that I am not aware of, or if this is just a generic concern because it feels like it is the equivalent of your passport and therefore special. And if it is the latter I would suggest the feeling is unfounded in genuine risk.
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